Bat – Wings of Chains (2016)


Author: GTO
Artist: Bat
Album: Wings of Chains
Label: Hells Headbangers

Bat comes straight out of hell with their debut Wings of Chains on Hells Headbangers. Clearly, their existence in the realms of demos and EPs weren’t enough and now a full length has to be released to quell the masses of their need for fiery, aggressive, and spitfire style of metal that can be cranked out over the course of thirty minutes.

Labeling this release, however, is another story. Bat has managed to contain great elements of multiple styles of heavy metal within the orthodox tradition–heavy metal, speed metal, metalpunk, and even some thrashier elements. That of course includes the various punk influences that can possibly occur on this release, but they are still firmly in the metal camp.

While overt obsession over labeling may seem pedantic, this is where the strength of the album lies. Within its presentation and style, Bat demonstrate a propensity to taking the best of what they know and including it within their piece.

“Ritual Fool” and “Bloodhounds” both demonstrate a finger-licking heavy metal attitude, informing the listener of their prowess through both lyric and use of adept choruses to clench a feeling of both hedonism and a taste for the dark arts. Meanwhile, the chunky attitudes presented in “Code Rude” and “Total Wreckage” come off as relentless speed metal mania that feels reckless. “Rule of the Beast” even adds in some good old fast rock and roll in the vein of Motorhead. The influences here are varied yet their combination feels natural.

In terms of the overall album, Bat is certainly the type of band who go for consistency rather than diversity. For the unfamiliar or the wary fan, this slab of heavy metal is probably going to feel like it drags. I would humbly disagree–this album is clearly crafted with a persistent attitude in mind, and the short length really demonstrates that.

What Bat lacks in ingenuity they make up for in attitude. Bat is all about crushing the weak and pulverizing those who do not agree, and I wholeheartedly agree with their sentiment. Wings of Chains is meant to be gritty and powerful, and its uniqueness stems entirely from its suprisingly classy attitude towards living life to the fullest.

Check ’em out on Bandcamp:

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