Lysithea – Realms (2015)

Artist: Lysithea

Album: Realms

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Dave

Lysithea is billed as a melodic doom metal band, and that is a perfect way of describing their debut, which features long and dreamy soundscapes of clean psychedelic passages punctuated by just enough segments of heavy and melancholic metal to earn them a spot on the Metal Archives. Their debut was entirely instrumental though and on their second release, they added a vocalist. What surprised many, myself included was that the vocalist they opted for was not a traditional doom vocalist but rather a harsh one which results in a rather odd sound. The result was not exactly what you would expect, however. Instead of the grating growls that are typical of melodeath releases, what resulted was closer to Agalloch or the early releases by Opeth, where the vocalist stands out in stark contrast to the melodic music but without creating a bizarre oil-and-water mix. Continue reading