Skald in Veum – 1260 Days (2015)


Author: Dave

Band: Skald in Veum

Album: 1260 Days

Label: Rottweiler Records


There was a good bit of hype about this release buzzing around for months prior to its release, both from Rottweiler as well as from plenty of other sources completely unrelated to the label. I hadn’t heard any of the audio teasers on purpose because I wanted to hear the entire release all at once without any prior exposure. I don’t always do well listening to hyped bands because I often go in with higher expectations and this can ruin the experience. So I intentionally avoided even reading other people’s reviews before I had a chance to spin my own copy. Having said all that, I think the hype was somewhat appropriate as this is a pretty strong debut. Continue reading

Carnac – The Frail Sight (2015)


Author: Crono

Artist: Carnac

Album: The Frail Sight

Label: Independent


The Frail Sight is the debut EP from Carnac, a death metal band from Turkey. Consisting of four short cuts, the band demonstrates a good ability to write moments where you cannot resist banging your head. The EP is concise and varied, demonstrating that Carnac doesn’t want to stick to one distinct sound within the death metal genre. Continue reading

Of Scotch and Shredding: A Treatise on Two Tastes

Of Scotch and Shredding

A Treatise on Two Tastes

By Lucas (Gay For Gary Oldman)

Every so often there is discovered an individual who, upon their first experience, can drink straight scotch and listen to grindcore in pure enjoyment. Such beings are born bearded and barking orders at their own mothers, and grow to rule vast empires of man. For the rest of us mere mortals, such tastes are acquired and require refining over years of dedicated experience. Continue reading

GSD Rants #1 – Metal and “Taking it too seriously”


Author: Goldensundown

(Ed: As I sort out reviews for some Throaat, Autopsy, Ectovoid releases and the new 4 Doors to Death split, I’m posting a rant I’ve had in the works for a while. This could be an irregular segment depending on the reception, but here we go).

As the anxiety ridden introvert that I am, my musical listening and discussion primarily takes place on the internet, and there’s a frame of mind that I see quite often in the various places on the internet I frequent. This is that metal takes itself too seriously tied in with the massive popularity of bands such as Alestorm, Nekrogoblikon, Steel Panther, Babymetal and the like. It’s easy to see that these go hand in hand as a sort of not intentional reaction to metal’s more serious ends such as black metal in its entirety, quite a lot of death metal and a lot of doom metal and possibly could be extended to the non-ironic tinged trad throwback material that’s been coming about lately. Continue reading