Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: Omnium Gatherum

Album: Grey Heavens

Label: Lifeforce Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal


For those of you not in the know, Omnium Gatherum is one of the most exciting “new” melodeath bands out there these days, along with darlings Insomnium and Be’lakor. I call these the “new” melodeath bands because they came after the hay-day of In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquillity. An interesting note to mention is that the lead guitarist and only remaining founding member from Omnium Gatherum, Markus Vanhala, was picked up by Insomnium to take over rhythm guitars back in 2011. I’m not sure if that has turned into some cross-pollination of melodeath ideas, but it was neat when I saw Omnium Gatherum open for Insomnium and saw the same guy both times. Continue reading

Vehemence – Forward Without Motion (2015)

Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Vehemence

Album: Forward Without Motion

Label: Battleground Records

In 2004, the style known popularly as ‘Melodic Death Metal’ had jettisoned most of the ‘death metal’ quality of that style in favour of a kind of European take on American groove metal and metalcore. That year was also when Vehemence released their last album, Helping the World to See. A respectable follow-up to the fantastic God Was Created of 2002, Vehemence was making real death metal that was melodic. A mixture of brutal guttural low growls, infectious guitar melodies and harmonies, and a pounding rhythm with the spirit of OSDM and the polished riff construction of newer metal bands, Vehemence’s albums solidified them as one of my favourite bands to turn to when even the earliest Gothenburg releases were a little too melodic for my death metal. Continue reading

Tengger Cavalry – Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2010/2015) (Re-recorded)

Artist: Tengger Cavalry

Album: 血祭萨满 / Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2010)/ Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2015)

Label: Dying Art Productions (2010) / Metal Hell Records (2015)

Reviewer: Dan

Tengger Cavalry is most definitely the most popular Folk Metal band hailing from China to include Mongolian traditional instruments and combine it with throat singing. Now they re-recorded and rearranged their first album and also shortened it a bit. Continue reading