The Morningside – Yellow (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: The Morningside

Album: Yellow

Label: BadMoodMan Music

Genre: Atmospheric Doom



Yellow is the fourth album from Russian melancholic doom metal act The Morningside. I have been following The Morningside ever since hearing their wonderful debut, The Wind, the Trees and the Shadows of the Past, a beautiful love letter to nature seen through the eyes of dour Russians.   Continue reading

Katavasia – Sacrilegious Testament (2016)


Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Katavasia

Album: Sacrilegious Testament

Genre: Black Metal

Label: Floga Records



A release from earlier in the year, Katavasia’s Sacrilegious Testament was too good to be overlooked for review. This year has been phenomenal for Hellenic black metal; that unique and recognizable strain of black metal originating out of Greece. Caedes Cruenta has brought the original raw passion back in its purest form, and Macabre Omen pushed it into the new century with a majestic and epic album of the warring gods. For those out of the loop, these newer slew of bands owe their style to bands like Rotting Christ and Varathron, who pioneered the Greek scene in the early 90s, which differed from their Norwegian counterparts by the greater emphasis placed on traditional metal lead guitar harmonies and galloping rhythms, often combined with an occultist, religious chanting.  Continue reading

EP Roundup #1


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Gruesome, Grave Miasma

Albums: Dimensions of Horror, Endless Pilgrimage

Genres: Death Metal, Black/Death Metal

Labels: Relapse Records, Sepulchral Voice Records


This time I’m introducing a new round-up segment. Gonna be separating out the pure EP round-ups from my demo ones so that demos get a fair go. For the first EP round-up its a double offering of death with the new Gruesome and Grave Miasma EP’s. Continue reading

Alkerdeel – Lede (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: Alkerdeel

Album: Lede

Label: ConSouling Sounds

Genre: Raw Sludge/Black Metal

Lede is the latest release from Belgian nightmare-masters Alkerdeel. This is their third full length album and it continues to tread the same sound of previous albums. Describing exactly what that sound is can be rather difficult. Alkerdeel plays a raw black metal that incorporates some elements of sludge, notably a heavy focus on bass-leads and extremely crunchy sections. Their songs almost always range on the lengthy side, Lede being a trio of songs, the shortest just under seven minutes, the longest 18 minutes. I was drawn to Alkerdeel for their unique mix of apocalyptic vocals and crushing instrumentals on their previous release, Morinde, and they’ve definitely kept it up on this new release.   Continue reading

Glorior Belli – Sundown (2016)


Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Glorior Belli

Album: Sundown (2016)

Genre: Stoner/Southern/Black Metal

Label: Agonia Records


Back in 2013, Glorior Belli rustled the collective jimmies of the black metal underworld by releasing Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls. The bands fifth album drew much criticism and controversy by deviating largely from the black metal sound which they were known for, and crafted what was largely a southern blues-rock and sludge inspired record, steeped in the traditions of Louisiana’s Delta blues music, transported through much of the modern rock-and-metal permutations attempted at creating that divine atmosphere. Essentially, it was more Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and Blackstone Cherry than it was Darkthrone. Much of the criticism was directed at the fact that the band were French, attempting to emulate a tradition made by another race, in another country, at another time.  Continue reading

Coffin Dust – Everything is Dead (2016)


Author: Goldensundown

Band: Coffin Dust

Album: Everything is Dead

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Label: Unholy Anarchy Records

“Take a step into my world, everything is dead!”

Coffin Dust are another band I’ve previously covered, quite favourably with their debut album of punky death/thrash – This Cemetery, My Kingdom – a descent into the realms of graves, gore and horror. Everything is Dead is this band’s sophompre release and while an overall shorter experience, only 35 minutes, it succeeds at reaching into those otherwordly realms of horror. Continue reading

Adamanthium – Adamanthium (2016)


Author: Dave

Artist: Adamanthium

Album: Adamanthium

Label: Independent


South Americans have never been strangers to heavy metal, and over the last few decades, some of their countries have borne scenes that rival the best of those in North America and Europe. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear Adamanthium, a newer Argentine band, doing their best to keep that old school heavy metal sound alive. Their traditional influences are immediately recognisable, mostly in tone and overall execution, as opposed to specific, easily traceable riffs. In fact, their sound would have fit nicely amidst a good number of NWOBHM bands if it weren’t for the Spanish lyrics.

Continue reading