EP Round Up #3 – Sonic Poison, Miasmal Sabbath


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Sonic Poison, Miasmal Sabbath

Albums: Harsh Demonstration…, Miasmal Sabbath

Genres: Death Metal/Grindcore, Death Metal/Crust Punk

Labels: Caligari Records, Independent

Two punky death EP’s are up on the offering slab this round. Continue reading

Bombs of Hades – Death Mask Replica (2016)


Author: GTO

Artist: Bombs of Hades

Album: Death Mask Replica

Label: War Anthem Records


Bombs of Hades constitute one of my favorite bands from the Swedeath revival. Groups┬álike Entombed, Dismember and Grave were my introduction to death metal–I enjoyed their punk-style riffs and their aggressive mentality. The sound was incredible, yet I wanted more–I wanted Swedeath to embrace its punk and crust side even more and incorporate those into the frantic styles of death metal. Continue reading

Cult Leader – Lightless Walk (2015)

Author: Bloodshot Grub

Artist: Cult Leader

Album: Lightless Walk

Label: Deathwish, Inc.

“Once we were another band, now we’re a better one.”

The opening line from Cult Leader‘s press packet gets right to the point. The other band that they were was Gaza, whose 2012 album No Absolutes in Human Suffering was widely and justifiably lauded as a high point of modern metalcore. Three-quarters of that band went on to form Cult Leader, and, high as the bar is, Lightless Walk is indeed the output of a better band. Continue reading

Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death (2015)

Author: Goldensundown

Band: Black Breath

Album: Slaves Beyond Death

Label: Southern Lord Recordings

Black Breath is one of those bands that found a niche, carved their way into that niche and produced amazing material within it. For Black Breath this niche was HM2 heavy Swedeath tied with a combination of hardcore punk, crust punk and thrash metal. While the idea of chucking any of those three with death metal isn’t new, chucking all of them in together gave Black Breath a somewhat unique sound and when combined with their amazing song writing, the band put out some phenomenal releases; Sentenced to Life, their 2010 sophomore release, is easily one of my favourite albums from recent years, with each track a pummelling and dark affair. So when new tracks dropped before this album showing off a move towards a more straight HM2 death metal sound, there was anticipation to see how Black Breath would hold up with this transition. Continue reading

Ahna – Perpetual Warfare EP (2015)

Band: Ahna

Album: Perpetual Warfare EP

Label: Choking Hazard Records

Reviewer: Brandon (Guest Reviewer)

Hailing from Canada, Ahna formed in 2008 and started putting out material in the vein of extremely slow doom with heavy crust and black metal influence. After an LP in that style and a string of demos, splits, and EPs, Ahna has moved towards something that I’m infinitely more interested in: a mix of thrash, death metal, and crust. With a mixture lower pitched growls, higher pitched growls, yelled “clean” vocals that immediate remind one of Sacrilege, and a guitar tone (and a fair amount of riffs) hailing to the same band as well as to early Bolt Thrower, Ahna, on Perpetual Warfare, has created something that is, if not completely unique, is incredibly interesting and definitely moving towards there; in just over seventeen minutes, they provide a mixture between fast nonstop riffage based around groovy one-string melodies and occasional slower breakdowns that work incredibly well with the music and don’t at all detract from the high energy, headbanging groove that Ahna puts out whenever they’re not slowing down. Continue reading