About The Authors

Here’s some insight into the group of dudes picking through and giving their thoughts on the releases posted to Fetid Dead:

Bloodshot Grub –

Bloodshot Grub is a musician, composer, producer, and preschool teacher living and working in Boulder, Colorado. He’s been listening to metal since he discovered thrash in the early 90’s and especially enjoys black metal, doom metal, and sludge.


Jan Jakobsen (aka VENOM_IST_FALSE) is a full time student at university and future kindergarten teacher hailing from western Norway. His listening preference is death, black and traditional heavy metal, but he also enjoys hip-hop, occult and psychedelic rock.


Dave is an engineer by profession and a musician and composer by hobby. Classically trained in piano and guitar, he began his exploration of metal with neoclassical power metal in the early nineties as a university student. Though he listens to all types of metal, he gravitates toward traditional, doom, and black metal.

GoldenSundown –

Goldensundown is the original creator of Fetid Dead and spends his time trying to keep some sort of balance between university, gaming, listening to metal and drowning himself in coffee while being a shit on shreddit. With a penchant for schlocky horror and pulpy sci-fi/fantasy, he embodies a few nerd stereotypes. He also has a fairly broad metal range from USPM and speed metal to OSDM, black and anything doom.

Arvind –

Arvind is a metal enthusiast and outdoorsman from Salt Lake City, Utah. He is currently attempting to learn how to drum. Most times, he can be found listening to any genre that exposes the frailty of existence.

Crono –

Crono101 hails from Vancouver, Canada, a dark, dreary rain-soaked world. When he isn’t listening to atmoblack and DSBM, he enjoys black, death, sludge, doom, and ocassionally nerds out with some European power metal and prog metal.

Brandon –

Brandon is a engineering student in Southern California, and the guitarist and vocalist for Draghkar and a slew of side projects. He reads a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, and wishes he had more free time to exercise.

Gay For Gary Oldman

Australian geneticist. Judges music by much weight he can lift whilst listening to it. Will naval-gaze about stylistic changes in extreme metal whilst A Day To Remember is still his most listened-to band. Hobbies include swimming with sharks, exploring sunken wrecks, and defending the now-abolished Star Wars EU. Also known to be bisexual for Tom Hardy.

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