When Cannons Fade – Bolt Thrower & Bolt Thrower Worship


Author: Goldensundown

In light of the recent news of Bolt Thrower’s disbanding so close to the one year anniversary of Martin Kearns’ (drummer) death, I’ve decided to create a playlist in memory of one of the most stalwart death metal groups to have pounded the drums of war. Personal favourite Bolt Thrower tracks up first followed by some killer bands playing similar styles of death. R.I.P. Martin Kearns and R.I.P. Bolt Thrower. Continue reading

Best EPs of Quarter 1 – Part 2 (2016)

Author: Crono

Artist: Best EPs of Quarter 1 2016 Part II

Album: Nocturnal Graves – Lead Us To The Endless Fire/Sharpen The Knives EP; Häxkapell – Om Sanningen;


Here is Part II of my Best EPs of the first quarter of 2016. Check out Part I here.
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Best EPs of Quarter 1 – Part 1 (2016)

Author: Crono

Artist: Best EPs of Quarter 1 2016 Part I

Album: Is – Glimpses of Sorrow; Horns & Hooves – Consecrate the Marrow; Vorpal Sword – Pain


It is difficult to give enough attention to the huge amount of EPs that are released throughout a year. Normally they are from smaller bands, released with much less fanfare, and are sometimes just playing around from a band, rather than a concentrated effort. However, I really enjoy the EP format, because I feel it lends itself more towards experimentation, conceptual sounds, and it’s just generally a shorter and simpler listen.

To that end, I wanted to gather up what I think are the best EPs (of what I have been able to hear) and share them with everyone. It will have to be broken up into multiple parts, because there was too many that I felt needed their moment to shine. Without further ado, here are the Best EPs of the first quarter of 2016 (Part I)!  Continue reading

The Legacy of the Bathory Self-Titled (1984)


Title: The Legacy of Bathory (1984)

Author: GTO


Bathory is the most celebrated musical endeavor in black metal and Quorthon one of the most respected musicians in metal overall. It’s near impossible to overstate Bathory’s importance as the music has touched musicians across the metal horizon. This is mostly due in part to Bathory’s extremely diverse range– from heavily percussive black metal and folk inspired metal with a Nordic twinge. This diversity is why the question “What is your favorite Bathory album?” produces so many different answers. Continue reading

50 Death Metal Albums You Need to Hear Before You Die

50 death metal albums you need to hear before you die

Author: Jan Jakobsen

I love making lists, especially long lists with tons of new albums and new information on them. This list will not be an introduction to death metal, nor will any of the essential albums like Altars of Madness, Onward to Golgotha or Leprosy be included. Why not you may ask, well, this is a list for those of you who have already started your putrid journey but are looking to travel further down the bottomless pit. To add some variety, I’ve decided to not only include old school death metal, but you’ll also find technical, progressive, brutal, cavernous death metal and death/black metal on the list.

50dm1 Continue reading

Nothing but Black Metal November Roundup

Nothing but black metal November – An Article

Author: Jan Jakobsen

Nothing but black metal November started as a thing on the /mu/ board on 4chan where the goal was to listen to nothing but black metal for an entire month. You feel like this is a challenge you’re ready to take on? Well, let me help you. I am going to list 30 different black metal albums, EP’s and demo’s by 30 different bands, one for each day in November. Hopefully this will not only help you in completing the Nothing but black metal November challenge, my aim is also to show you bands that doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. Continue reading