Wicked Inquisition – Wicked Inquisition (2015)

Artist: Wicked Inquisition

Album: Wicked Inquisition

Label: Tridroid Records

Reviewer: Gabriel

Wicked Inquisition. When I heard the name, my expectations for the band skyrocketed. It just fit the kind of music they supposedly played: no-nonsense doom metal; the stuff you’d expect to hear opening for Pentagram. Although their name alone certainly has promine, the members of this four-piece from Minnesota haven’t made a name for themselves yet. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – more often than not, a band’s best material is from their early releases. They knocked it out of the park with what they call themselves, but the question as to how good their music is still remains. I’m happy to say that Wicked Inquisition produced some rock-solid throwback doom that never strays too far from bands that laid out the foundation of the genre such as Black Sabbath and Trouble.   Continue reading