Deströyer 666 – Wildfire (2016)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Band: Deströyer 666

Album: Wildfire

Label: Season of Mist


K.K. Warslut and his merry gang of satanic thrash metallers have finally returned with fresh material seven years after the somewhat disappointing fourth album Defiance. We did however get the excellent compilation To the Devil His Due in 2010, but now with Wildfire we get 9 brand new tracks. Let’s make this clear right at the start, Deströyer 666 are one of the finest bands in the entire heavy metal genre and their three first albums are seen as legendary for a reason. The vicious riffing, the pummeling drums and the songwriting in general showcased by the mighty Deströyer 666 serves as a reminder of how mind-bogglingly awesome thrash metal can be. With these superlatives thrown around I expected great things from Wildfire and my hype level reached unfathomable levels after they released their first single, Live and Burn, back in January. It was everything I wanted in a Deströyer 666 song. Continue reading


Black/Thrash Demos


Author: GTO


For my first review of 2016, I took out the time to review some EPs and demos in the black/thrash vein. None of these bands have released a full length, yet all of them show extreme potential. Please support them on Bandcamp if you get the chance. Continue reading

Supresion – Emerging Extermination (2015)


Author: Dave

Band: Supresion

Album: Emerging Extermination

Label: Vision of God Records


I should preface this review by cautioning any reader that I am not the biggest thrash guy in the world. I have maybe forty different thrash bands in my library, and a good chunk of the total number of thrash albums come from Megadeth and Metallica and some of their numerous imitators. I feel like this is important because if you happen to be a thrash enthusiast, then whatever I say regarding the quality of this album should probably be taken with a kilo of salt. My favourite thrash bands are Megadeth, Razor, and Heathen, and even though I enjoyed this particular album, it sounds absolutely nothing like any of them. Continue reading

Brain Famine – Exploding Paranoid Universe (2015)


Review: GTO

Artist: Brain Famine

Album: Exploding Paranoid Universe

Label: Independent


Grindcore is a tough genre to innovate in. Slight deviations could put the formula off balance and turn the product into something compromised and mediocre. Of course, this occasionally produces something worthwhile. Indie grind band Brain Famine take a very heavily metal approach on their debut full length, Exploding Paranoid Universe. With a fitting label of thrash/grindcore, Brain Famine seeks to approach grindcore with an angular and sporadic style of riffing that feels pleasantly disjointed and brilliantly unnerving. The album slides between holding a place of unrelenting fury and being a fascinating salad bowl of riffs for the listener to dive into. Continue reading

Division Speed – Divison Speed (2015)

Author: GTO

Artist: Division Speed

Album: Division Speed

Label: High Roller Records

Division Speed is not going to waste your time. The first track “Panzerkommando” opens with a killer speed-induced riff that instantly rings true of the album cover—a hell of war, seen from above by a pilot waiting for incoming death. Within moments, the song and eventually album erupt into a thrashing hell to accompany that initial feeling of the calm before the storm. Punctuated only by historical recordings and two instrumental interludes, the album is a speed frenzy that doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to dead air. Continue reading

Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Trivium

Album: Silence in the Snow

Label: Roadrunner Records


Before I start in on reviewing Trivium’s seventh album, Silence in the Snow, I’d like to provide a bit of context. Trivium’s first album came out in 2003, that’s twelve years ago now. When that album first dropped, I had just started university. I thought it was awesome; it was a very unique sound that Trivium came out with. They were different than all of the nu-metal that was still dying out slowly, they were different than the metal bands I was listened to. Trivium’s second album was the one that really made them popular; it was pure metalcore, unlike their debut. I still liked it; I never got on the metalcore train, but I liked Trivium. At this time, they were big enough to start doing proper tours. I have seen Trivium four times, and I will probably see them again when they return. To continue, the next album Trivium released alienated a lot of fans they earned with Ascendency. They almost alienated me. The Crusade was Metallica worship through and through. Matt’s vocals were entirely patterned off James’, and the riffs were extremely thrash-influenced. Finally, Trivium released their golden album: Shogun. Everything on that album is top notch – the riffs, the vocals, the lyrics, the progressive song structures, everything. Continue reading

Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death (2015)

Author: Goldensundown

Band: Black Breath

Album: Slaves Beyond Death

Label: Southern Lord Recordings

Black Breath is one of those bands that found a niche, carved their way into that niche and produced amazing material within it. For Black Breath this niche was HM2 heavy Swedeath tied with a combination of hardcore punk, crust punk and thrash metal. While the idea of chucking any of those three with death metal isn’t new, chucking all of them in together gave Black Breath a somewhat unique sound and when combined with their amazing song writing, the band put out some phenomenal releases; Sentenced to Life, their 2010 sophomore release, is easily one of my favourite albums from recent years, with each track a pummelling and dark affair. So when new tracks dropped before this album showing off a move towards a more straight HM2 death metal sound, there was anticipation to see how Black Breath would hold up with this transition. Continue reading