Riff Theory #1 – Thantifaxath – The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel

Author: Bloodshot Grub

Title: Riff Theory #1 – Thantifaxath

Song: The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel

Album: Sacred White Noise

(Ed: A new feature we’re trialing, most likely paired with tues/thurs reviews. Feedback welcome!)

Listening to metal and playing music have always gone together in my life. It wasn’t long after I first heard Dream Theater’s Images and Words that I decided I wanted to be a drummer, and that was the beginning of a lifetime of musical study that resulted in, among other things, me becoming a huge music theory nerd. So here’s a place for me to pay tribute to and nerd out about metal’s great riffs, past and present. Welcome to Riff Theory. Continue reading