Sorrow Plagues – Sorrow Plagues (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: Sorrow Plagues

Album: Sorrow Plagues

Label: Independent

Genre: Atmospheric Black/Blackgaze


One of my very first reviews here on Fetid Dead was double EP review of Lustre and Sorrow Plagues. During that review, I had some lukewarm feelings about Sorrow Plagues; I could see the potential, but at the same time, there were a few issues that I thought needed to be worked out by the band. With the release of their debut album, Sorrow Plagues, I have to opportunity to revisit the band and see how they’ve grown. So, first and foremost, have my complaints with the band been worked out? Well, for the most part, yes they have. However, they’ve introduced a whole new set of issues along with it. Continue reading


Lustre – Phantom (EP) (2015) & Sorrow Plagues – An Eternity of Solitude (EP) (2015)

Lustre - Phantoms Sorrow Plagues - An Eternity of Solitude

Artist: Lustre

Album: Phantom

Label: Nordvis Produktion


Lustre is a band that I have a lot of history with. While they aren’t the oldest band around, first releasing music in 2008, their discography is large enough to think of them as not being new. With 5 full albums and numerous EPs, splits, and demos, you can lose yourself in Lustre for a time. And of course, with familiarity there comes a more critical eye. Comparisons to previous work can be made more readily, and the “overall direction” of a band can be judged. Continue reading