Dream Theater – The Astonishing (2016)


Author: Bloodshot Grub

Artist: Dream Theater

Album: The Astonishing

Label: Roadrunner Records



It would be hard to overstate the influence that Dream Theater has had on my life. They were one of the first metal bands I discovered, one of my favorite bands through much of my teenage years, and inspired me to become a musician. Despite that, even early on I found them to be a somewhat hit-or-miss affair, and since 2002’s highlight Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence they seemed to be running entirely on autopilot. Their four album run from Train of Thought up through Black Clouds & Silver Linings was never entirely bad, and there’s at least one full album of really excellent prog metal songs between them, but they were nevertheless predictable and formulaic offerings. The infamous drummer shake up seemed to revive them, but only briefly. Continue reading


Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Trivium

Album: Silence in the Snow

Label: Roadrunner Records


Before I start in on reviewing Trivium’s seventh album, Silence in the Snow, I’d like to provide a bit of context. Trivium’s first album came out in 2003, that’s twelve years ago now. When that album first dropped, I had just started university. I thought it was awesome; it was a very unique sound that Trivium came out with. They were different than all of the nu-metal that was still dying out slowly, they were different than the metal bands I was listened to. Trivium’s second album was the one that really made them popular; it was pure metalcore, unlike their debut. I still liked it; I never got on the metalcore train, but I liked Trivium. At this time, they were big enough to start doing proper tours. I have seen Trivium four times, and I will probably see them again when they return. To continue, the next album Trivium released alienated a lot of fans they earned with Ascendency. They almost alienated me. The Crusade was Metallica worship through and through. Matt’s vocals were entirely patterned off James’, and the riffs were extremely thrash-influenced. Finally, Trivium released their golden album: Shogun. Everything on that album is top notch – the riffs, the vocals, the lyrics, the progressive song structures, everything. Continue reading