Suruni – Lähteet (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Suruni

Album: Lähteet

Label: Bestial Burst


What the hell are Suruni doing? Well, to be honest, I have no clue, but it is awesome! Falling under the extremely broad umbrella of “experimental black metal”, with a “raw” thrown in there for good measure, any attempt at describing the genre of metal that Suruni plays falls short, I think. Personally, I would describe their genre as blues black metal or something stupid like that. Wait, let’s go back a few steps. Suruni is a Finnish black metal band and Lähteet is their sophomore album. I haven’t heard their debut but I think I have to, given how different this is. Continue reading


Demo Roundup #1

Instead of a normal one album review, I’ve decided to show off some demos from earlier in the year I feel went undeservedly unnoticed

Bands: The Death Wheelers, Phrenelith, Axis of Light

Releases: See below

Reviewer: Goldensundown

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