The Good The Bad and the Zugly – Hadeland Hardcore (2015)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Band: The Good the Bad and the Zugly

Album: Hadeland Hardcore

Label: Fysisk Format


I am by no means a hardcore punk expert, I wouldn’t even go as far and say I’m a particularly big fan of hardcore punk, but I know what I like and The Good the Bad and the Zugly is definitely one of my favorite bands within the genre. Their music is firmly rooted in hardcore punk, but they’ve also got some hard-rock influence that’s very noticeable on certain tracks on this new album, Hadeland Hardcore and their discography in general. In many ways I would say they’re Turbonegros more chaotic and heavier little brother. Continue reading

Cendra – Metal Punk (2016)


Author: GTO

Band: Cendra

Album: Metal Punk

Label: Xtreem Music

Another year and another early release from Catalan punks Cendra. Their third release, Metal Punk, is a departure from their previous works in the world of black metal punk, expanding on the lengtheir, black metal-influenced tracks from their previous release, 666 Bastards. Nonetheless it is a ripping affair, maintaining most of the aggression while expanding their sound. Continue reading

A Pregnant Light – All Saints Day (2015)


Author: Arvind

Band: A Pregnant Light

Album: All Saints Day

Label: Colloquial Sound Recordings

Damian Master, the troubled mastermind behind A Pregnant Light, once told me that “pure black metal must have riffs” ( It’s an epithet shared by many, a simple idea in principle that nonetheless provides a stark guideline for how to gauge and interact with this genre of music. It’s rather fitting, then, that A Pregnant Light, Master’s long-running project, straddles the line between blown-out atmospheric black metal, charging post-punk, and straightforward heartache. Continue reading

Metalpunx – 4 Black/Speed/Punk Releases


Reviewer: GTO



Here are a handful of full-length releases that fall somewhere in the spectrum of black/speed/punk released over the course of this year. These records are meant to played at high volume as soundtracks to destruction. Continue reading

Satan’s Satyrs – Don’t Deliver Us (2015)

Author: Goldensundown

Band: Satan’s Satyrs

Album: Don’t Deliver Us

Label: Bad Omen Records

Satan’s Satyrs were a band that came to my attention while reading through an issue of Iron Fist (#8) early last year and was instantly taken in by the fuzzed out combination of 60’s/70’s garage rock, early punk and trad doom thrown in with the pulp-y aesthetics of 60’s biker films and occultism of the debut, Wild Beyond Belief! The sophomore effort, Die Screaming, expanded the sound more and drew in interesting inclusions of carnival-esque sounds, surf rock and an overall less raw sounding but good experience and their third album, Don’t Deliver Us, furthers the ambitious sound expansions of the previous release. Continue reading

Grave Pleasures – Dreamcrash (2015)

Author: Jan Jakobsen (VENOM_IST_FALSE)

Band: Grave Pleasures

Album: Dreamcrash

Label: Sony Music / Columbia

Grave Pleasures is a Finnish post-punk band made up by former Beastmilk members. They formed as a new band after the departure of Johan “Goatspeed” Snell and added Juho Vanhanen of Finnish psychedelic black metal act Oranssi Pazuzu as a direct replacement. Current members of Grave Pleasures include Mat “Kvohst” McNerney of Hexvessel and Dødheimsgard fame, Linnèa Olsson from the now split-up band The Oath and Uno Bruniusson from Swedish heavy metallers In Solitude. As you can see, Grave Pleasures sport a lineup of incredibly talented and well known musicians with a record of creating solid rock and metal material. Continue reading

Demo Roundup #2

Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Cloak, Kult of the Wizard

Releases: Succumb, The White Wizard

Labels: Transylvanian Tapes, Independent

The second instalment of my nifty demo roundup is going up a bit sooner than I was expecting. Need to wrap my ears around a couple of albums a few more times before dropping some reviews for them. This time, being featured is Cloak and Kult of the Wizard. Continue reading

KEN Mode – Success (2015)

Artist: KEN Mode

Album: Success

Label: Season of Mist

Reviewer: Bloodshot Grub

Ah, noise rock. That strange child of punk, metal, rock, and noise that never seems entirely a part of any one world. KEN Mode has trawled these murky waters five times prior, demonstrating each time that few in the genre can match them for pure venom. And on their sixth album, Success, Jesse Matthewson and and company are giving us a chance to see not just the depth but the breadth of their vitriol, inclusive of spite, disappointment, cynicism, regret, sarcasm, contempt, disdain… uh, acrimoniousness… Continue reading

Cendra – 666 Bastards (2015)

Artist: Cendra

Album: 666 Bastards

Label: Xtreem Music

It took far too long for someone to combine black metal and punk, but by 2015 we’ve already got a few good examples of what this fusion can pull off. The crippling misanthropy of black metal goes well with the raw and primal structures of hardcore and crust, and it gives an outlet for those who dislike the more theatrical or meandering musical qualities one finds in black metal.

Continue reading