Autopsy – Skull Grinder (2015)


Author: Goldensundown

Band: Autopsy

Album: Skull Grinder

Label: Peaceville Records


Autopsy as a band for the most part have been on a roll since their reformation back in 2009. While Headless Ritual may have been a bit of a drop in quality compare to Macabre Eternal and Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves, those three LP’s have shown that the band still have killer music up their sleeves. Skull Grinder, dropped in November of last year is their 2nd EP or 4th LP (depending on who you ask) since reforming is further evidence of that and also sits as some of the more primal and old school sounding material in the current generation of the band. Continue reading


My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery (2015)

Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: My Dying Bride

Album: Feel The Misery

Label: Peaceville Records

My Dying Bride is a band often accused of laying their drama and melancholy on a little thick for many people’s sensibilities. But earlier this year, vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe’s father passed away. And when this year’s release Feel the Misery opens with the track And My Father Left Forever, only a heartless man could disregard the singer’s sorrow as forced or contrived. Continue reading