Nekro Drunkz – Lavatory Carnage (2016)


Author: GTO

Artist: Nekro Drunkz

Album: Lavatory Carnage

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal/Grindcore

Label: Moribund Records


“Gore metal” is easily one of the most divisive and polarizing genres of metal. Most of the major camps agree that the vocals are too much, the beats too blasting, and the subject mature immature or unoriginal. It’s hard to the inherent juvenile factor that comes from something like gore metal—frequent references not only to bodily dismemberment but also scatological and biological functions sound more of the reign of elementary school students rather than metalheads. Despite their frequent enjoyment of items that are considered “low culture,” for many people gore metal steeps too low.    Continue reading


Wyrd – Death of the Sun (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: Wyrd

Album: Death of the Sun

Label: Moribund Records

Genre: Black/Folk/Doom Metal


Wyrd is a band that is near and dear to me, having spent many of my university years listening to their albums, Heathen, Vargtimmen 1 & 2, and The Ghost Album getting the most frequent rotation. Imagine my delight when after seven years of silence, Wyrd drops a new album without almost no warning. I was very intrigued by this new album because of the addition of several members to the band. Almost all previous Wyrd albums have been the creation of one person, Narqath, but on Death of the Sun, the band is now a six-piece! Going from one person to six people is quite a large jump, so a change in sound is impossible to avoid. But now time for the real question: how does the album hold up? As far as I’m concerned, very well! Continue reading

Moon – Render of the Veils (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Moon

Album: Render of the Veils

Label: Moribund Records

When I first read that there was a new Moon release coming out, I was pretty pumped! Last year, Moon released the very well-done Clavicula Nox, an icy slab of bleak black metal. However, as soon as I started listening to a stream of Render of the Veils, I quickly realized something was off. After a quick investigation, it became clear that Render of the Veils is Clavicula Nox. However, some big changes were made to the album. See, Clavicula Nox was a demo, self-released by Moon. Render of the Veils was released by Moribund Records, and has received a hefty update for the release. The question of course is was it necessary to release this as a new album? I am happy to report that after listening to both a few times through recently, Render of the Veils is definitely justifiable. Continue reading