The Loom of Time – NihilReich (2016)


Author: T.K. White

Band: The Loom of Time

Album: NihilReich

Genre: Black/Doom/Prog/Metalcore

Label: Independent


Wow, what an incredibly…weird…record. Aussie doomsters have some interesting interpretations of two relatively secure genres—being black metal and doom metal—yet they throw in some hyper-melodic metal into the mix alongside modern metalcore type riffs and breakdowns. I was expecting some nice, morose doom—maybe even a little on the cheesy side—and that is not at all what you get in this record.  Continue reading

Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Trivium

Album: Silence in the Snow

Label: Roadrunner Records


Before I start in on reviewing Trivium’s seventh album, Silence in the Snow, I’d like to provide a bit of context. Trivium’s first album came out in 2003, that’s twelve years ago now. When that album first dropped, I had just started university. I thought it was awesome; it was a very unique sound that Trivium came out with. They were different than all of the nu-metal that was still dying out slowly, they were different than the metal bands I was listened to. Trivium’s second album was the one that really made them popular; it was pure metalcore, unlike their debut. I still liked it; I never got on the metalcore train, but I liked Trivium. At this time, they were big enough to start doing proper tours. I have seen Trivium four times, and I will probably see them again when they return. To continue, the next album Trivium released alienated a lot of fans they earned with Ascendency. They almost alienated me. The Crusade was Metallica worship through and through. Matt’s vocals were entirely patterned off James’, and the riffs were extremely thrash-influenced. Finally, Trivium released their golden album: Shogun. Everything on that album is top notch – the riffs, the vocals, the lyrics, the progressive song structures, everything. Continue reading

Iwrestledabearonce – Hail Mary (2015)

Artist: iwrestledabearonce

Album: Hail Mary

Label: Artery Recordings

Author: Bloodshot Grub

iwrestledabearonce is not a well-respected band, but I picked up this review because really enjoyed one of their prior albums enough that I wanted to see what they were up to. IWABO seem to be known more for their schtick than their music, and while that perception is not entirely unjustified, Ruining It for Everybody was a surprisingly good album with numerous poignantly sentimental moments that were actually somehow reinforced by the juvenile humor. Yes, they’ve always been gimmicky pop-metalcore, but they’re also a band that went for something different and, at times, pulled it off. Even when they weren’t that great, they were at least interesting. Now it seems they’ve decided to stay interesting by subverting expectations of being interesting… by being less interesting. They’ve dropped the schtick on this one and are aiming to be taken seriously, to be judged on their musical merits alone. Continue reading