Gehennah – Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die (2016)


Author: GTO

Artist: Gehennah

Album: Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die

Label: Metal Blade Records


Gehennah are the basic embodiment of every poser’s worst fears. They are leather clad, real as hell, and absolutely willing to use assault and battery to achieve their goals. Like any credible sort of metal heshers, they are remarkably inconsistent, as Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die is their first full-length release in seventeen years. They have had some EPs between then but this is the first release since 1999 that’s longer than ten minutes. Continue reading


Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction (2015)

Author: GTO

Artist: Cattle Decapitation

Album: The Anthropocene Extinction

Label: Metal Blade

Cattle Decapitation continue on a cleaner path compared to most of their grind contemporaries with The Anthropocene Extinction, especially expanding on the sound of their last release Monolith of Humanity. Clearly demonstrating a penchant for their history in grindcore while not letting their music be consumed by it, Extinction is heavily characterized by a mixture of blast beats, deathgrind riffing breaks, and melodic interludes marked by ambient guitar riffs and nasal yet still soaring vocals. Overall the album shifts back and forth between intense, blasting moments and introspective and haunting breaks that punctuate and break up constant blast beats. Continue reading

Armored Saint – Win Hands Down (2015)

Author: Dave

Artist: Armored Saint

Album: Win Hands Down

Label: Metal Blade Records

Armored Saint have been in the business for a long time, with the full-length debut March of the Saint coming out in 1984, just more than thirty years ago. During their early career, they released some great classic heavy metal albums which means that their latest in a string of reunion albums has a lot to live up to. But first off, if you’re expecting eighties-era Armored Saint, just stop right there. No sense in getting all excited for nothing.

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Sorcerer – In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross (2015)


Artist: Sorcerer

Release: In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross

Label: Metal Blade

Reviewer: Ryan

It’s now 2015, 23 years since famed Swedish doomers Sorcerer released the second of their two demos, their only output aside from some compilations until now. Their demo material has already made them among the most widely acclaimed names in epic doom metal, and I was at once excited and a bit concerned to find that they were recording new material. I was glad there would be more Sorcerer, but far too many comeback albums are only shadows of former glory. Ultimately my mixed feelings leading up to this album’s release were mostly met with pleasant surprise; In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross is a fine album, but at times it does not capture the epic, mystical formula that made classic Sorcerer classic.
In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross has some big shoes to fill following demos with such a legacy. Returning from the lineup that recorded the venerated self-titled demo are vocalist Anders Engberg and bassist Johnny Hagel, now accompanied by drummer Robert Iversen and guitarists Kristian Niemann and Peter Hallgreen. Losing more than half of the band might have been a bad sign, but the whole lineup offers a solid performance. The most immediately striking performance is Engberg’s vocal work. He has plenty of range and power and uses it to his fullest, bringing to mind Rob Lowe and other soaring doom vocalists; his voice was effective on the demos and it is here.

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Visigoth – The Revenent King (2015)

Visigoth - The Revenant King

Artist: Visigoth

Release: The Revenent King

Label: Metal Blade

Reviewer: GoldenSundown

Armed with the bombastic and anthem wielding nature of early European power metal and tied with a strong allegiance to the US heavy metal scene, a strong Necropolis cover from Manilla Road’s Crystal Logic features here, Visigoth’s debut album is an hour slab of fist raising heavy metal. Released after a relatively well received demo and EP, Visigoth’s debut is released under Metal Blade. Continue reading