Bathsheba – The Sleepless Gods (2015)

Bathsheba - The Sleepless Gods

Artist: Bathsheba

Album: The Sleepless Gods

Label: Svart Records

Okay, total disclaimer: I picked Bathsheba’s latest EP to review for two reasons, one being that I sorely needed some doom in my life, and the other and more important being that my black metal project shares its name (sort of) with Bathsheba. And I promised to myself and the rest of the Fetid Dead crew that I was absolutely not going to give them a negative review out of some weird sense of competition.

… Unless, of course, it turned out that The Sleepless Gods totally blew. Continue reading


Ghost Bath – Moonlover (2015)

Ghost Bath - Moon Lover

Artist: Ghost Bath

Album: Moonlover

Label: Northern Silence Productions

Reviewer: Marc D.

First things first: let’s get it out of the way that Ghost Bath is not from China and that “Nameless” is really some white dude named Dennis Mikula who was in a couple of post-hardcore or metalcore bands or something. Maybe it was mathcore. I don’t know, and I don’t really care. It’s a non-issue for me. As cool as it would have been to hear some more regional metal, what it really comes down to is the music itself. How it was marketed, as misleading as it was, is irrelevant. Continue reading