Jess and the Ancient Ones – Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes (2015)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Band: Jess and the Ancient Ones

Album: Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes

Label: Svart Records

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Jan Jakobson’s Top 5 of 2015


Author: Jan Jakobsen

I want to start off by saying that 2015 has been another great year for metal music and in particular black metal. I hope you’ve found loads of new great bands and albums and I most definitely look forward to seeing what metal has in store for us in 2016. Anyway, here are my top 5 picks for 2015.

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Kampfar – Profan (2015)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Artist: Kampfar

Album: Profan

Label: Indie Recordings


Earlier this year I saw Kampfar at a small festival called Transistor in the tiny town of in the midst of Norway’s woods. There could not have been more than 70 people in the room, but what an impression and what a performance that was. The gratitude and energy shown by the band members was fantastic and they showed a genuine appreciation for each and every person that showed up by performing as if it was gig at a major open-air festival. Continue reading

Revenge – Behold.Total.Rejection (2015)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Artist: Revenge

Album: Behold.Total.Rejection

Label: Season of Mist


Revenge is the gift that keeps on giving. After fifteen years of writing and playing some of the most bestial and aggressive black metal out there, Revenge still manages to up the extremity on Behold.Total.Rejection. James Read and Vermin are the two men behind all the music, and James Read in particular is somewhat of a legend in the War Metal scene considering his work with Conqueror in addition to Revenge. With War Metal, or Bestial Black Metal as it’s also called, many bands often fall into the mistake of simply plagiarizing or mimicking Blasphemy, and of course Revenge takes a lot of influence from them, but they have managed to find their own identity and sound. Continue reading

Malokarpatan – Stridzie Dni (2015)

Author: Jan Jakobsen

Artist: Malokarpatan

Album: Stridžie Dni

Label: Invictus ProductionS

The moment I heard the first riff on Kýho besa mi to tá stará ohyzdná striga do pohára nalála I knew this was an album I had to review. But first, who are Malokarpatan? Well, they are a Slovakian black metal band who just recently signed to the great Irish record label Invictus Productions. Their style of black metal is unique, managing to blend in 80’s Venom together with Master’s Hammer and there is even a Negative Plane vibe going on. The production is murky and cavernous and the vocals are soaked with reverb. The layering is extensive, but it does not get in the way of riffing which has this ability to shift from evil black metal to classic rock n’ roll that you very rarely hear. There are also some folky elements thrown in here and there in addition to the use of samples. Continue reading

Horrendous – Anareta (2015)

Author: Jan Jakobsen

Artist: Horrendous

Album: Anareta

Label: Dark Descent Records

Trying to follow up from last year’s excellent LP, Ecdysis is far from an easy task. Many in the scene regarded it as one of the better death metal albums of 2014, and 2014 had a lot of great death metal releases. Ecdysis may not have reached the same height as Dead Congregations Promulgation of the Fall, Morbus Chrons Sweven or even Artificial Brains Labyrinth Constellation, but it was sure as hell a very solid album. Now, only a year later, Horrendous is releasing Anareta, the highly anticipated follow-up. This is their third album in only four years so it is clear they are hardworking people. Continue reading

Nothing but Black Metal November Roundup

Nothing but black metal November – An Article

Author: Jan Jakobsen

Nothing but black metal November started as a thing on the /mu/ board on 4chan where the goal was to listen to nothing but black metal for an entire month. You feel like this is a challenge you’re ready to take on? Well, let me help you. I am going to list 30 different black metal albums, EP’s and demo’s by 30 different bands, one for each day in November. Hopefully this will not only help you in completing the Nothing but black metal November challenge, my aim is also to show you bands that doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. Continue reading