Sadist – Hyaena (2015)

Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Sadist

Album: Hyaena

Label: Scarlet Records


Progressive death metal is kind of my thing. But it’s a difficult style to specify. Some bands play progressive metal with enough distortion and harsh vocals to earn themselves the ‘death’ label, without actually playing music of the death metal genre. And I like it. Some bands play ostensibly technical death metal, simply with enough clean or ambient passages to be considered ‘progressive’. And I like it. But my heart will always belong to that subset of death metal that diversified in the early 90s playing OSDM with weird time signatures, proggy or fusion elements, but never losing that core death metal template. Continue reading


Chiral – Night Sky (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Chiral

Album: Night Sky

Label: Independent


Italian one-man black metal outfit Chiral has two full length releases this year, Abisso and Night Sky, but I am only going to focus on Night Sky. Chiral is firmly cemented in the atmoblack movement with this album, using not only the long-form songs frequently found in atmoblack, but also the super friendly sounding riffs and synths. But Chiral adds other things into the mix that I think make Night Sky a worthwhile album in a genre filled with far too much subpar music. Continue reading

Adramelch – Opus (2015)

Author: Dave

Band: Adramelch

Album: Opus

Label: Pure Prog Records

This is the most recent album of a rather obscure metal band who released their incredible debut, Irae Melanox, in 1988. The band disbanded after this, and reformed after the turn of the century to record three more full length albums. After Opus was finished, they disbanded, leaving this as their final musical statement. For those of you familiar with Adramelch, you know that their debut album was a stellar example of progressive power metal in every sense. If you came here expecting the same, you will possibly be disappointed. Continue reading