Magister Templi – Into Duat (2015)

Author: Bloodshot Grub

Artist: Magister Templi

Album: Into Duat

Label: Cruz del Sur Music

Metal, and traditional metal in particular, has more than a few bands who write great music that comes packaged with… “difficult” vocals. King Diamond, Hour of 13, Gates of Slumber, Manilla Road. Sometimes bad, sometimes technically very good, but in any case requiring some degree of acclimatization. If the music is good, sometimes one simply has to accept that the vocals are part of the deal. They may come to be appreciated, they may be endearing, or they may simply be something that must be endured in order to appreciate the riffs. Continue reading

Mara – Mara (2015)

Band: Mara

Album: Mara

Label: Unsigned/independent

Reviewer: Brandon

Hailing from Gävle, Sweden, Mara is coming from a fairly prolific country that’s been aggressively fronting the recent doom and occult rock trend; while this has resulted in a tremendous amount of recent Swedish revival material that’s incredible, it’s resulted in just as much as that’s terribly generic in the worst of ways. Now, after two years of effective hiatus, Mara has come back with a finished album that’s managed to stand out from their Swedish contemporaries by being bigger, badder, and just plain weirder. Continue reading