Flight – Flight (2015)

Author: Dave

Band: Flight

Album: Flight

Label: Bad Omen Records

Flight are a new heavy metal band from Norway whose purpose seems to be to hearken back to the classic metal era of the early nineteen eighties. And insofar as that is their purpose, they certainly have succeeded at it – in spades. The lineup is simple: a drum kit, a bass, and a couple of guitarists who trade off riffing and playing solos. No keyboards, no synth effects, no harmonies. Just basic, old school heavy metal. But inasmuch as that has been the recipe for a good number of metal acts, you need more than that to make a compelling album.  Continue reading


The Oath – The Oath (2014)

Doomy, girly newcomers, The Oath, have finally released their long awaited, self-titled debut on  everyone’s favorite doom, stoner label, Rise Above Records.

Contrary to what the album cover would have you believe, it’s not an all female band! The two females of the group handle the vocals and guitars, and actually, this record features Simon Bouteloup from Kadavar on bass.

I should probably stop talking about how they’re girls and get to the actually music at some point. Anyhow, The Oath plays a lot like a concoction of Pagan Altar meets Mercyful Fate, whom both smoked too many cigarettes together in a grimy bar. Is that descriptive enough? I think so.  (For you genre sticklers: heavy/doom metal/hard rock)

You can find a stream of the album on their bandcamp.

Favorite tracks: Night Child, Black Rainbow, Psalm 7