EP Roundup #1


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Gruesome, Grave Miasma

Albums: Dimensions of Horror, Endless Pilgrimage

Genres: Death Metal, Black/Death Metal

Labels: Relapse Records, Sepulchral Voice Records


This time I’m introducing a new round-up segment. Gonna be separating out the pure EP round-ups from my demo ones so that demos get a fair go. For the first EP round-up its a double offering of death with the new Gruesome and Grave Miasma EP’s. Continue reading


Gruesome – Savage Land (2015)

Artist: Gruesome

Album: Savage Land

Label: Relapse Records

It’s interesting that for a band as well regarded and well known within the early death metal scene as Death is, that there are very little straight up Death worship and imitator bands, especially considering the number of bands hitting that early thrashy death metal that Death and Possessed were spewing out in the late 80’s. However, Gruesome, a project fronted by Exhumed’s Matt Harvey, aims to monopolise on this hole with Savage Land, a set of 8 tracks (over 35 minutes) mimicking Death’s Scream Bloody Gore and, mostly, Leprosy albums. Continue reading