EP Roundup #2


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Cadaveric Fumes, Necrosic

Albums: Dimensions Obscure, Putrid Decimation

Genres: Death Metal

Labels: Blood Harvest, Nuclear War Now!


In the second EP roundup, two more offerings of death are on display here, from Cadaveric Fumes and Necrosic. Continue reading


Glorior Belli – Sundown (2016)


Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Glorior Belli

Album: Sundown (2016)

Genre: Stoner/Southern/Black Metal

Label: Agonia Records


Back in 2013, Glorior Belli rustled the collective jimmies of the black metal underworld by releasing Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls. The bands fifth album drew much criticism and controversy by deviating largely from the black metal sound which they were known for, and crafted what was largely a southern blues-rock and sludge inspired record, steeped in the traditions of Louisiana’s Delta blues music, transported through much of the modern rock-and-metal permutations attempted at creating that divine atmosphere. Essentially, it was more Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and Blackstone Cherry than it was Darkthrone. Much of the criticism was directed at the fact that the band were French, attempting to emulate a tradition made by another race, in another country, at another time.  Continue reading

Silver Machine – III – The Sound of the Shell (2016)


Author: Dave

Band: Silver Machine

Album: III – The Sound of the Shell

Genre: Heavy metal

Label: Independent




Silver Machine are a French heavy metal band who have managed to eke out a couple demos over the last few years and have just released their full-length debut, III – The Sound of the Shell. They are certainly of a more traditional slice of metal, with a very simple and stripped-down approach to their music. You will not find any silliness in this release: there is no ridiculous showmanship or any annoying over-production. What you will find is the absolute minimum number of components to produce a decent, quality metal album.  Continue reading

Plebeian Grandstand – False Highs, True Lows (2016)


Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Plebeian Grandstand

Album: False Highs, True Lows (2016)

Genre: Avant-Garde Black Metal/Mathcore/Powerviolence

Label: Throatruiner Records


Well this was certainly a bit unexpected. I had come to this record in great anticipation of another suffocating, immensely grotesque work of art; something in the vein of the recent Gnaw Their Tongues output. After all, Plebeian Grandstand’s 2014 release Lowgazers was an absolute masterpiece of sick sonic hatred. For those not privileged to be in the know, Grandstand had taken the recent popular surge of crusty grind and powerviolence, and infused it with equal parts of early Converge mathcore and Deathspell Omega’s unpredictable avant-garde black metal. The music and the production were equally dense and impenetrable, and at times it was difficult to decide if the music sounded more chaotic or deliberate. Continue reading

Love Sex Machine – Asexual Anger (2016)


Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Love Sex Machine

Album: Asexual Anger (2016)

Label: Throatruiner Records


Caution: may cause severe neck pain and syphilis in young people.


The dirtiest love. The most hate-filled sex. The most punishing machine. France’s Love Sex Machine first caught my attention a few years ago when I stumbled upon their self-titled debut. Combining the unrelenting sludge groove of Primitive Man and Mammoth Grinder with the mindless rage of Plebeian Grandstand and Gaza, could you really expect to find this band anywhere else but on Throatruiner Records? This label’s small but impressive roster is the pus-filled, diseased epicenter where grind, crust, sludge and extreme metal meet. Continue reading

Renorax – Flash Metal (2016)


Author: Dave

Band: Renorax

Album: Flash Metal


Genre: Speed metal

Label: Unsigned/Independent


As always, I’m continually on the lookout for newer bands who have taken it upon themselves to carry on the old traditional torch and Renorax is definitely one such band. Renorax are brand new project from France, and Flash Metal is their short-but-super-sweet debut EP. And so far, it’s definitely at the top of what I’ve heard so far this year when it comes to speed metal. There are a number of things that I like about it, but first and foremost, I simply dig the stripped-down approach to the execution. It’s like a piece of freshly cooled volcanic rock: hot, heavy, jagged, and completely unpolished. Continue reading

Black/Thrash Demos


Author: GTO


For my first review of 2016, I took out the time to review some EPs and demos in the black/thrash vein. None of these bands have released a full length, yet all of them show extreme potential. Please support them on Bandcamp if you get the chance. Continue reading