Enisum – Arpitanian Lands (2015)


Author: Crono

Artist: Enisum

Album: Arpitanian Lands

Label: Dusktone

Arpitanian Lands is the fourth full length album from Italian black metal band Enisum, although I believe that the first two albums were more like demos, being independently released way back in 2006. They seem to label themselves as ambient black metal, but I pretty much disagree, since this album is very clearly an atmospheric black metal album along the same lines of this year’s Homeward Path by Vallendusk. In fact, I am just going to draw that comparison right off the top. Enisum and Vallendusk are not exactly the same, of course, but their straight-forward approach to atmospheric black metal is somewhat of a breath of fresh air. The same things I really enjoyed about Homeward Path are present here on Arpitanian Lands. Continue reading