Alene Misantropie – Abscence of Light (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: Alene Misantropie

Album: Absence of Light

Label: Damnatio ad Bestias

Genre: Depressive Black Metal

It is now half way through 2016, and I am only now stumbling upon some depressive black metal that I really enjoy. Alene Misantropie is a new duo from Spain, and Absence of Light is their debut album. This album is in competition with Acjétêc by Sadness for best depressive black metal album of the year, although I am still holding patiently for the long-awaited Coldworld release, Autumn. Regardless, if you enjoy depressive black metal, you cannot skip Absence of LightContinue reading


Kalmankanjata – Various Splits of 2015


Author: Crono

Artist: Kalmankanjata

Album: Various Splits of 2015

Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Label: Kunsthauch

Rating: 7 – 8/10

(ED: Once again scheduling gets in my way of posting, apologies, two reviews to cover!) Continue reading

Kalmankantaja – Waldeinsamkeit (2016)


Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Kalmankantaja

Album: Waldeinsamkeit (2016)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Label: Independent


Finland has always sat upon the cusp of widespread recognition for their black metal, which I have always enjoyed as being just that slight bit different from their Norwegian or Swedish peers. After thoroughly enjoying Havukruunu‘s debut last year, I was keen to check out another band with a obligatory copy-and-paste name, Kalmankantaja.  Continue reading

Dystopia Nå – Dweller On The Threshold (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Dystopia Nå!

Album: Dweller On The Threshold

Label: Avantgarde Music


Dystopia Nå! What a band name! This is (obviously) Norwegian for Dystopia Now! Dweller on the Threshold is Dystopia Nå’s second album. This band has such an interesting approach to the style of music they are attempting to do, which is apparently depressive black metal, but with so many other elements pushed into it that you couldn’t be blamed for calling this a progressive black/death album. Continue reading