Demo Roundup #3

I’ve decided to follow in Goldensundown’s path and do a little EP/demo roundup from two bands that I recently discovered, Nachash and Nécropole.

Author: Jan Jakobsen

Bands: Nachash & Nécropole.

Releases: Conjuring the Red Death Eclipse & Ostara. Continue reading


Demo Roundup #2

Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Cloak, Kult of the Wizard

Releases: Succumb, The White Wizard

Labels: Transylvanian Tapes, Independent

The second instalment of my nifty demo roundup is going up a bit sooner than I was expecting. Need to wrap my ears around a couple of albums a few more times before dropping some reviews for them. This time, being featured is Cloak and Kult of the Wizard. Continue reading

Demo Roundup #1

Instead of a normal one album review, I’ve decided to show off some demos from earlier in the year I feel went undeservedly unnoticed

Bands: The Death Wheelers, Phrenelith, Axis of Light

Releases: See below

Reviewer: Goldensundown

Continue reading