Coffin Dust – Everything is Dead (2016)


Author: Goldensundown

Band: Coffin Dust

Album: Everything is Dead

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Label: Unholy Anarchy Records

“Take a step into my world, everything is dead!”

Coffin Dust are another band I’ve previously covered, quite favourably with their debut album of punky death/thrash – This Cemetery, My Kingdom – a descent into the realms of graves, gore and horror. Everything is Dead is this band’s sophompre release and while an overall shorter experience, only 35 minutes, it succeeds at reaching into those otherwordly realms of horror. Continue reading

Ares Kingdom – The Unburiable Dead (2015)

Reviewer: Brandon

Band: Ares Kingdom

Album: The Unburiable Dead

Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions

Ares Kingdom has a history going back almost two decades now of putting out nothing but the highest-quality death/thrash that one could expect from a band, as one would expect of a group formed by Order From Chaos legends Chuck Keller and Mike Miller. After being joined by Alex Blume, the band’s vocalist and bassist, Ares Kingdom put out two of the finest death/thrash albums of the 00’s and, after five years, are finally back with the newest installment of their heavy metal tinged aggressive metal assault. Continue reading

Biotoxic Warfare – Lobotomized (2015)

Biotoxic Warfare - Lobotomized

Artist: Biotoxic Warfare

Album: Lobotomized

Label: Slaney Records

Reviewer: GTO

It’s surprising to note the amount of thrash coming out of Greece that actually seems to be semi-related. In the shadows of the now relatively well known Suicidal Angels, these Greek thrashers seem to be taking heavy inspiration from the Teutonic greats like Sodom and Kreator, as well as Bay Area standouts Exodus. They’re still thrash to the core, but the dark edge their ancestors had is still there—there’s hardly any death metal compared to someone like Kreator. Continue reading