Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth (2015)


Author: Goldensundown

Band: Hooded Menace

Album: Darkness Drips Forth

Label: Relapse Records


Hooded Menace are a Finnish 4 piece, sitting firmly in the horror infused death/doom region of metal, using the crushing atmosphere and unearthly sounds of the genre fusion to evoke images of the undead, curses and other classic horror iconography. Darkness Drips Forth is the 4th studio album – and 14th piece of material – that Hooded Menace have dropped and with this release they have taken their horror infused sound and slowed it down further, spreading 40 minutes of crushing death/doom over 4 long tracks, and damn does it work out. Continue reading

Disma – Towards The Megalith (2011)

Disma - Towards The Megalith

Towards the Megalith is an extremely appropriate title considering the sheer monolithic heft that Disma have presented with this death/doom debut, with the music invoking images of vast caverns of pitch black and gigantic pondering mechanical structures. This sort of cavernous death/doom style appeared to be the other route for revival death metal bands to take that wasn’t Entombed worship, and for the most part Disma seem to have avoided pigeonholing themselves into a mere revival band with this 8 song debut. Continue reading

Symptom – Caverns of Katabasis (2014)


Symptom is a one man band project of JT Gilmore, based out of Portland, Oregon, formed in 2010. Two EPs (and a compilation with those EPs) were released before Opulent Atrocity dropped last year. Symptom makes it perfectly clear their influences: Incantation, Immolation, and Autopsy, albeit fairly more doom-y. Still soul destroying death metal.

Picking up right off where the last album ended, Caverns of Katabasis lives up to the name. A quick lesson: katabasis is (usually) a hero’s trip to the underworld. This album is as much of a journey as that. A murky, wavering atmosphere drenches this album. The album kicks off with “Risen from Shadow,” which is actually a fairly straightforward doom track. However, as each of the 6 tracks progresses, the sounds become much more twisted and demented; the death influence slowly creeps in, track by track. Kind of like a trip further down into the abyss, eh? The album closes in a very somber, piano tune that fades off eventually; what would be a stark contrast to the rest of the album, if it weren’t so depressing.

Favorite tracks: Risen From Shadow, Saturnine, L’appel du Vide

I highly recommend you check this band out.