King Heavy – King Heavy (2015)

Author: Dave

Band: King Heavy

Album: King Heavy

Label: Cruz del Sur Music

This is the debut full-length album of a Chilean band with a Belgian vocalist, which is not something you see too often. They are a traditional doom metal project with a very classic doom sound to them. Their vocalist sings a good bit lower than most doom vocalists but still manages to the pull off the epic sound and timbre of doom legends like Messiah Marcolin. At first listen, they sound like a cleaner and more polished version of Saint Vitus. But with repeated listens, you will find that King Heavy do far more than merely ape their predecessors. Continue reading

Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer (2015)

Hammer King - Kingdom Of The Hammer

Artist: Hammer King

Album: Kingdom of the Hammer King

Label: Cruz del Sur Music

Hammer King. Hammer. King. King of the Hammer. How does it sound? Does it sound like Manowar? Good. Because you don’t even need to listen to one of Hammer King’s tracks to know what’s up. Manowar is up. Steel is up. And glory is up. Do you think you’ve seen it all? It actually doesn’t matter because Hammer King are by no means a revolutionary band who try to reinvent the wheel. Their goal, however, is “to play the truest Heavy Metal in this and all other worlds”. Continue reading

Sacral Rage – Illusions In Infinite Void (2015)

Sacral Rage - Illusions In Infinite Void

Artist: Sacral Rage

Album: Illusions in Infinite Void

Label: Cruz del Sur Records

“Illusions in Infinite Void” is the debut full-length album from Greek heavy/speed metal band Sacral Rage. As far as debut albums go, you couldn’t really ask for much more – this album packs a punch despite its relatively short running length. Continue reading