Cendra – Metal Punk (2016)


Author: GTO

Band: Cendra

Album: Metal Punk

Label: Xtreem Music

Another year and another early release from Catalan punks Cendra. Their third release, Metal Punk, is a departure from their previous works in the world of black metal punk, expanding on the lengtheir, black metal-influenced tracks from their previous release, 666 Bastards. Nonetheless it is a ripping affair, maintaining most of the aggression while expanding their sound. Continue reading

Cendra – 666 Bastards (2015)

Artist: Cendra

Album: 666 Bastards

Label: Xtreem Music

It took far too long for someone to combine black metal and punk, but by 2015 we’ve already got a few good examples of what this fusion can pull off. The crippling misanthropy of black metal goes well with the raw and primal structures of hardcore and crust, and it gives an outlet for those who dislike the more theatrical or meandering musical qualities one finds in black metal.

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