Inculter – Persisting Devolution (2015)

Author: Jan Jakobsen (VENOM_IST_FALSE)

Band: Inculter

Album: Persisting Devolution

Label: Edged Circle Productions

Norway have since the early 90’s been known for black metal and the tagging of an entire nation will probably continue until eternity, but since the mid 2000’s another form of metal have started to draw a lot of attention. Even though one might say that this movement started already in 1996 with Aura Noir’s debut album, Black Thrash Attack, it wasn’t until the 2000’s that more bands started playing this type of ripping fast thrash in Norway. More and more bands started taking influence from legendary acts such as Deströyer 666, Desaster, Nifelheim and early Slayer. The result of this influence is that Nekromantheon, Condor, Deathhammer and many more have been gaining some serious traction in the underground scene. Continue reading


Peasant – Go to Hell (2015)

Artist: Peasant

Album: Go to Hell

Label: Independent

Reviewer: GTO

Go to Hell is a great example of why I spend my time sampling underground releases. A band like Peasant, unnoticed to me by conventional means, would not have been discovered if I hadn’t spent my time rolling around online listening to single tracks in the hopes that they would lead to an album’s worth of solid material. With a single listen of Peasant’s “Do You Believe in War?” I knew I had a lot in store for Go to Hell, a record that combines first wave black metal, speed metal, thrash metal, and even traditional metal into a record worth spinning over and over again.

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Cendra – 666 Bastards (2015)

Artist: Cendra

Album: 666 Bastards

Label: Xtreem Music

It took far too long for someone to combine black metal and punk, but by 2015 we’ve already got a few good examples of what this fusion can pull off. The crippling misanthropy of black metal goes well with the raw and primal structures of hardcore and crust, and it gives an outlet for those who dislike the more theatrical or meandering musical qualities one finds in black metal.

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Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal (2015)

Invincible Force - Satan Rebillion Metal

Artist: Invincible Force

Album: Satan Rebellion Metal

Label: Dark Descent Records

Short, sweet, and grave desecrating aptly describes the debut full-length of these Chilean monsters of the underground, Invincible Force. Satan Rebellion Metal, out on Dark Descent Records, demonstrates a proper execution of metal evolution. They take inspiration from plenty of their forefathers without overly relying on old school standbys for their overall sound. It does not simply take surface level tropes of black, death and thrash metal—Invincible Force incorporates specific, nuanced approaches in order to concoct a much fresher feeling release, with a mixture of pleasant surprises and occasional letdowns.   Continue reading