Alkerdeel – Lede (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: Alkerdeel

Album: Lede

Label: ConSouling Sounds

Genre: Raw Sludge/Black Metal

Lede is the latest release from Belgian nightmare-masters Alkerdeel. This is their third full length album and it continues to tread the same sound of previous albums. Describing exactly what that sound is can be rather difficult. Alkerdeel plays a raw black metal that incorporates some elements of sludge, notably a heavy focus on bass-leads and extremely crunchy sections. Their songs almost always range on the lengthy side, Lede being a trio of songs, the shortest just under seven minutes, the longest 18 minutes. I was drawn to Alkerdeel for their unique mix of apocalyptic vocals and crushing instrumentals on their previous release, Morinde, and they’ve definitely kept it up on this new release.   Continue reading

Possession – 1585 – 1646 (2015)

Author: Goldensundown

Band: Possession

Album: 1585 – 1646

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Possession’s EP, 1585 – 1646 is a primitive, 4 track EP of straight forward but still chaotic black/death metal, harkening from Belgium. While Chris Moyan’s extremely recognisable art might be a staple of the visceral black/thrash bands, both Possession’s logo design and the album art done by him help solidify the primitive and dark tone of the album. The album follows the life, accusation and eventual burning of a French woman, Adrienne d’Heur, who was accused of sorcery. Continue reading

Goat Torment – Sermons to Death (2015)

Author: Goldensundown

Band: Goat Torment

Album: Sermons to Death

Label: Amor Fati Productions

Sermons to Death is this Belgian black metal 2 piece’s sophomore effort, and is an aural assault of blast beats and swirling, sometimes, angular, tremolo riffage. The band themselves have been fairly low profile; neither of the two members have been in vastly popular bands, aside from the drummer’s recent stint as Bethelem’s drummer (and a small stint as Belphagor’s live drummer in 2007). Continue reading

Evil Invaders – Pulses of Pleasure (2015)

Author: Goldensundown

Band: Evil Invaders

Album: Pulses of Pleasure

Label: Napalm Records

Metal is a genre that is fairly steeped in traditionalism, especially nowadays with the amount of retro worship bands and bands hoping to recreate the energy and sound of their favourite bands that exist. Evil Invaders definitely fit into this section of metal with their debut effort, Pulses of Pleasure, taking cues from the more visceral end of 80’s speed metal, including what could only be in reference to the Razor album Evil Invaders with their band name as well as the more traditional, Judas Priest stylings in some of the high end vocal display and song crafting. Continue reading