Nocturnal Depression – Spleen Black Metal (2015)


Artist: Nocturnal Depression
Album: Spleen Black Metal
Label: Avantgarde Music

Finally, after many reviews that skirt around it, we are getting to the meat of the music that I truly enjoy. I’m a black metal guy, and I love the more thought-provoking styles of black metal, including atmospheric black and depressive/suicidal black. So when I took on reviewing Nocturnal Depression’s latest album, I decided that just listening to Spleen Black Metal was not good enough. Nocturnal Depression has been around for a long time, and has released a lot of albums. Hailing from France, like so many other amazing black metal bands, they began making their skin-crawling, gut-wrenching music back in 2004. While this may not sound like it’s that long ago, this is their sixth full length album in 11 years. I wanted to respect Nocturnal Depression, so I went back in time and listened to a few of their older albums. Not that I am completely new to them, but I wanted to have their older sound fresh in my ears when I reviewed Spleen Black Metal.
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