The Loom of Time – NihilReich (2016)


Author: T.K. White

Band: The Loom of Time

Album: NihilReich

Genre: Black/Doom/Prog/Metalcore

Label: Independent


Wow, what an incredibly…weird…record. Aussie doomsters have some interesting interpretations of two relatively secure genres—being black metal and doom metal—yet they throw in some hyper-melodic metal into the mix alongside modern metalcore type riffs and breakdowns. I was expecting some nice, morose doom—maybe even a little on the cheesy side—and that is not at all what you get in this record.  Continue reading

Emortuus – Blood, Bone and Flesh (2016)

emortuus-e28093-blood-bone-and-flesh-2016Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Emortuus

Album: Blood, Bone and Flesh

Label: Independent


Hailing from the grim, windswept tundra of Western Australia, Emortuus presents an icy chalice of frostbitten black metal. Actually, that entire previous statement was daft hyperbolic bollocks, but what we do have is a pretty cool collection of bedroom black metal which manages to avoid the most obvious pitfalls of that trope. I mean, just look at that cover art! It’s kickass!

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Tarot – Reflections (2016)


Author: Dave

Band: Tarot

Album: Reflections

Genre: Psych Rock/Heavy metal

Label: Heavy Chains Records




After a series of demos and EP releases scattered out over the last several years, the Australian heavy metal band Tarot have released their first full-length album this year. Their sound is a polished and enchanting, and is a compelling musical statement borrowing equally from heavy metal giants like Iron Maiden as well as from classic rock greats like Uriah Heep. The end result is an album that is at once melodic, punchy, engaging, and captivating. More critical heavy metal listeners might balk at the clean production, but as clean as it is, it’s far from sterile, and the deceptively simple approach to their compositions does more than make up for that.  Continue reading

The Horn – The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Volume Fifteen (2016)


Author: Crono

Artist: The Horn

Album: The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Volume Fifteen

Genre: Industrial Black Metal

Label: Shaytan Productions

Ed: Two reviews incoming because of my distraction caused no posting for Tuesday!

It’s a new year, so how about we do something completely different. The Horn is, supposedly, an industrial black metal band. Whether or not this is accurate is beyond me, since my industrial black metal experience begins and ends with Mortiis (does that even count?). Anyways, The Horn is actually a very intriguing project coming out of Australia that draws most of its musical influences from its subject matter, Ancient Egypt. Similar to bands like Melechesh or Nile, there are certain thematic musical elements that can easily be incorporated as soon as you start thinking Egypt. The musical manifesto of The Horn is to put every word of the Egyptian Book of the Dead to music, and so far, this is their fifteenth album, so it seems to be going well. Continue reading

Miazma – North (2016)


Author: Gay For Gary Oldman

Artist: Miazma

Album: North (2016)

Genre: Brutal/Progressive Death Metal

Label: The Black Wreath



Hailing from the charred and lifeless heart of my homeland, Miazma would have to be the first band from Alice Springs that I’ve come across. Not exactly a picture of grim beauty, the closest thing to windswept mountains Australia has is nearby Ayer’s Rock (Ularu). The band bill themselves as progressive brutal death metal, and the term “eco-metal” was dropped once or twice on their bandcamp, and their comparisons to Gojira are not entirely unwarranted, but probably overstated. Continue reading

Best EPs of Quarter 1 – Part 2 (2016)

Author: Crono

Artist: Best EPs of Quarter 1 2016 Part II

Album: Nocturnal Graves – Lead Us To The Endless Fire/Sharpen The Knives EP; Häxkapell – Om Sanningen;


Here is Part II of my Best EPs of the first quarter of 2016. Check out Part I here.
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Deströyer 666 – Wildfire (2016)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Band: Deströyer 666

Album: Wildfire

Label: Season of Mist


K.K. Warslut and his merry gang of satanic thrash metallers have finally returned with fresh material seven years after the somewhat disappointing fourth album Defiance. We did however get the excellent compilation To the Devil His Due in 2010, but now with Wildfire we get 9 brand new tracks. Let’s make this clear right at the start, Deströyer 666 are one of the finest bands in the entire heavy metal genre and their three first albums are seen as legendary for a reason. The vicious riffing, the pummeling drums and the songwriting in general showcased by the mighty Deströyer 666 serves as a reminder of how mind-bogglingly awesome thrash metal can be. With these superlatives thrown around I expected great things from Wildfire and my hype level reached unfathomable levels after they released their first single, Live and Burn, back in January. It was everything I wanted in a Deströyer 666 song. Continue reading

Moon – Render of the Veils (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Moon

Album: Render of the Veils

Label: Moribund Records

When I first read that there was a new Moon release coming out, I was pretty pumped! Last year, Moon released the very well-done Clavicula Nox, an icy slab of bleak black metal. However, as soon as I started listening to a stream of Render of the Veils, I quickly realized something was off. After a quick investigation, it became clear that Render of the Veils is Clavicula Nox. However, some big changes were made to the album. See, Clavicula Nox was a demo, self-released by Moon. Render of the Veils was released by Moribund Records, and has received a hefty update for the release. The question of course is was it necessary to release this as a new album? I am happy to report that after listening to both a few times through recently, Render of the Veils is definitely justifiable. Continue reading

Captain Cleanoff – Rising Terror (2015)

Reviewer: GTO

Artist: Captain Cleanoff

Album: Rising Terror


Captain Cleanoff sounds to me like either a brand of European laundry detergent or the horrifying name of a serial killer that takes pride in how thoroughly he decapitates his victims. Going by the band’s logo font and album cover, I’m going to assume they more likely meant something like the latter. Rising Terror marks this band’s second full-length release in the grindcore world, following 2008’s Symphonies of Slackness. Continue reading

The Kill – Kill Them…All (2015)

Reviewer: GTO

Artist: The Kill

Album: Kill Them…All

Label: Obscene Production

Given grindcore’s frenetic sonic thesis, it can be about almost any topic as long as it’s extreme. To me, my preferred image of grindcore is the concept of finding order in a chaotic world, whether that chaos is a depraved individual mind or an oppressive government. Within blast beats, extreme vocals, and ripping riffs that shred off your skin, grindcore takes all the issues of the world and puts them out to bare—making the insanity of day-to-day life in a silly system seem a little more tolerable.

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