Antlers – A Gaze into the Abyss (2015)

Band: Antlers

Release: A Gaze into the Abyss

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Crono

Antlers describes themselves as atmospheric black metal, and of course, they are named Antlers. So when I turned on this debut album from the German band, I was expecting something along the lines of an Addaura or Wolves in the Throne Room, or perhaps similar to their fellow Germans, Dämmerfarben. It’s not an odd assumption to make, but it was completely off the mark. Continue reading


Ethereal Shroud – They Became The Falling Ash (2015)

Ethereal Shroud - They Became The Falling Ash

Artist: Ethereal Shroud

Album: They Became The Falling Ash

Label: Unsigned/Independent

It is impossible for me to discuss this record honestly and objectively, so in the interest of academic honesty I must disclose that I like this artist an awful bit. And my appreciation – as far as I can tell – goes deeper than mere music. I am reminded of this brief thought by St Augustine recorded in his great classic work Confessions regarding the death of a close friend: Continue reading

Lustre – Phantom (EP) (2015) & Sorrow Plagues – An Eternity of Solitude (EP) (2015)

Lustre - Phantoms Sorrow Plagues - An Eternity of Solitude

Artist: Lustre

Album: Phantom

Label: Nordvis Produktion


Lustre is a band that I have a lot of history with. While they aren’t the oldest band around, first releasing music in 2008, their discography is large enough to think of them as not being new. With 5 full albums and numerous EPs, splits, and demos, you can lose yourself in Lustre for a time. And of course, with familiarity there comes a more critical eye. Comparisons to previous work can be made more readily, and the “overall direction” of a band can be judged. Continue reading