Spectral Lore- Gnosis (2015)


Author: Crono

Artist: Spectral Lore

Album: Gnosis

Label: I, Voidhanger Records


 Wow has Spectral Lore ever been busy these past few years. Starting in 2012, they have released a string of monstrous pieces. Starting with their third LP, Sentinel, my personal introduction to Spectral Lore, then following with two splits, the better of the two being the mind-blowing Sol, a concept album about space where Spectral Lore and the equally space-y Mare Cognitum each wrote one track and then co-wrote a third. To follow this up, there was the brilliantly titled III, their fourth album (obviously), which was nothing short of a triumph, cutting away some of more ambient work in favor of 90 minutes of pure atmospheric black metal greatness. Continue reading


Kauan – Sorni Nai (2015)

Author: Crono

Artist: Kauan

Album: Sorni Nai

Label: Blood Music


For those that don’t know, Kauan is a long-running Russian band, whose music has normally tended towards the beautiful, leaning on ambient, folk, post-rock, and heart-wrenching Finnish vocals. However, every once in a while Kauan will flex a little bit doom and black metal muscle, cutting through their usual melancholy beauty with something that is crushing. But let’s be honest here: Kauan makes pretty music, and you must enjoy pretty music to get into Kauan, not matter how many times they toss in some heavy vocals. Continue reading

Lustre – Phantom (EP) (2015) & Sorrow Plagues – An Eternity of Solitude (EP) (2015)

Lustre - Phantoms Sorrow Plagues - An Eternity of Solitude

Artist: Lustre

Album: Phantom

Label: Nordvis Produktion


Lustre is a band that I have a lot of history with. While they aren’t the oldest band around, first releasing music in 2008, their discography is large enough to think of them as not being new. With 5 full albums and numerous EPs, splits, and demos, you can lose yourself in Lustre for a time. And of course, with familiarity there comes a more critical eye. Comparisons to previous work can be made more readily, and the “overall direction” of a band can be judged. Continue reading