Nekro Drunkz – Lavatory Carnage (2016)


Author: GTO

Artist: Nekro Drunkz

Album: Lavatory Carnage

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal/Grindcore

Label: Moribund Records


“Gore metal” is easily one of the most divisive and polarizing genres of metal. Most of the major camps agree that the vocals are too much, the beats too blasting, and the subject mature immature or unoriginal. It’s hard to the inherent juvenile factor that comes from something like gore metal—frequent references not only to bodily dismemberment but also scatological and biological functions sound more of the reign of elementary school students rather than metalheads. Despite their frequent enjoyment of items that are considered “low culture,” for many people gore metal steeps too low.   


Enter Nekro Drunkz, a duo of disgusting Portlanders whose entire goal is to gross you out. Their third album release, Lavatory Carnage, features plenty of juvenile track titles that range from the putrid “Asshole Casserole” to the more innocuous “College Co-Eds Pooping.”


I had the pleasure of seeing Nekro Drunkz live earlier this year and I had to say they were absolutely a blast. Their live presence absolutely enhanced the performance (the drummer and lead vocalist would introduce each song with a quick blurb concerning the narrative) and made it something special. I would highly recommend them.


Their sound itself takes more of a Carcass-esque grindcore base with more punk and thrash influence to give it a more direct feel. Despite the songs having little time to move, all being short, the songs move along quite nicely. There is absolutely some cohesion here. In addition, the use of dual vocal delivery brings out the more diverse sides of the music. Tall Can Disgustor666 operates the majority of the vocals, which are in the low register—Crystal Seth fills in the more punk-y high range shouts. The riffs themselves are structured around more combined deathgrind style riffs, then followed up with fast beat thrash and punk riffs that kick the sound into gear. The entire time it’s coated in this tone that sounds and murky and grotesque, like one they found in the sewer—it combines a more putrid feel with a more straightforward crunchy death metal feel.


I think the tone is what seriously makes this album interesting—it has a warm feel to it, and it makes one interested to see where Nekro Drunkz will go with their riffs. It definitely adds a much more deep element to the work—having an inviting tone makes it seem that song titles are just song titles.


This brings me back to my original point—if one’s main hangups are the lack of more serious lyrical content or the more wretched musical aesthetic, it’ll be hard to convince people there is absolutely something worthwhile here. And there absolutely is—songs like “Asshole Casserole,” “Shit Terrorist,” and the title track have phenomenal riffs that any metalhead could be able to appreciate. This is absolutely something from the crude world of gross metal that plenty of metalheads could appreciate—even if it’s occasionally too fecal for my personal tastes. I enjoy this album, but I wasn’t entirely sure of the package it came in.





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