The Loom of Time – NihilReich (2016)


Author: T.K. White

Band: The Loom of Time

Album: NihilReich

Genre: Black/Doom/Prog/Metalcore

Label: Independent


Wow, what an incredibly…weird…record. Aussie doomsters have some interesting interpretations of two relatively secure genres—being black metal and doom metal—yet they throw in some hyper-melodic metal into the mix alongside modern metalcore type riffs and breakdowns. I was expecting some nice, morose doom—maybe even a little on the cheesy side—and that is not at all what you get in this record. 


The first track, The Ashes of Your Fall, starts off with a black metal riff that leads into some Pallbearer- esque clean vocals and riffing; out of the blue, a straight up metalcore “mosher” riff is thrown into the mix and makes you question everything you’ve ever come to know and love about the heavy metal genre. I wish I could say moments like this were sparse on the record, but they’re not. The whole album follows this template. Sometimes the recipe is amended with a little more metal here, a little more core there and there and there and there and you get the picture. The second track, The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy, treads the same path as the first song, albeit the black metal riff lasts for about twenty seconds this time around. After the initial listen, I just had to skip the last half of the song.


Cries of the Weakis probably the most palpable track on the record and even then you’re going to need something stronger than water to choke it down. It starts off sounding like what Danzing I (1) would sound like if it were released in the twenty-first century, which is okay, I guess, but lyrically the song just derails starting off with the amazingly cliché “Hell no” (Yeah! That’ll show ‘em how hard we are!) Soon, breakdown after breakdown come in and crush what little bit of the song was okay. Once again, a recurring theme in this album.


Honestly, I could keep going with a track by track review, but it’s pointless. You get the picture. There is very little about this record that is even remotely metal—the band tagged themselves as “metal, black metal, death metal, doom, progressive metal, rock,” and none of those tags are really deserved. This is a straight-up metalcore album hiding behind tags to bolster the fact that the songs—despite being metalcore—have incredibly lackluster riffs. The vocals are black-ish sometimes, a random clean vocalist comes with no predictability, and a sorta hardcore bark happens every now and then. According to bandcamp, there is only one vocalist and my advice to him would be to just pick one style and stick to that instead of doing three different styles poorly. Same can be said to the band as a whole. Pick one genre, no, just admit you’re a metalcore band with terrible song titles (The Peons of the Cosmos) and stick to that, that way unsuspecting joes like myself don’t end up wasting close to an hour on false pretenses.




T.K. White

Check ’em out here:



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