Demo Round-up #10 – Evil Priest, Siege Column


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Evil Priest, Siege Column

Demos: Evil Priest, Secret Forces of the Pentagram

Genres: Death Metal, Black/Death/Thrash Metal

Labels: Caligari Records, Independent

(ED: Well this was certainly a long time coming for such small content, good going me!)

Evil Priest – Evil Priest (Caligari Records)

This self titled debut demo release from Peruvian death metal group Evil Priest reeks heavily with an occult presence set within the 3 minute intro track consisting of bells and ritual chanting leading into 3 tracks of dominating and savage death. Evil Priest exhudes an atmosphere similar to that of many current cavernous death groups but without the completely suffocating musical presence. However the riffs and blasting drums featured through Great Snake, Gates of Beyond and the title track

are absolutely killer, evoking imagery similiar to that present on the album cover. The vocal work is aided with reverb, adding to the unearthly presence the music gives, particularly with the wails opening up Gates of Beyond, not all that dissimilar to the vocals throughout Bastard Priest’s Under the Hammer of Destruction. Primitive and unrelenting throughout the 17 minutes of main tracks, Evil Priest is a demo definitely worth checking out!

Caligari Records certainly has an ear for good metal because the shit that keeps coming out of this label is killer.

Favourite track: Evil Priest (the bass intro is disgustingly good).



Siege Column – Secret Forces of the Pentagram (Independent)

Siege Column, the brain-child of Death Fortress man, Joe Aversario, drops their second demo – Secret Forces of the Pentagram. Secret Forces takes the echo-y black/thrash from Nocturnal Attack Formation… and steers it in a more death metal sounding realm, leaving a more chaotic sounding demo compared to the previous one. The Show No Mercy era Slayer influence still shines through in the riffs but there’s a extra layer of crypt-like filth that covers the already lo-fi atmospheres. Also new to this demo is the inclusion of retro-synth passages intertwined within the riffage, for example on the opening track Intromancy and second to last track Into Darkness Crypt, giving off a very dungeon-like atmosphere. Final Crush of Armageddons and Secret Forces of the Pentagram are rip-roaring slabs of chaotic old school sounding black/thrash, while Angel Countess and In Darkness Crypt stomp around, reeking of the death influences. The closing track Evil Fighters follows suite, and closes off with a short but unnerving lead.

Secret Forces… is a strong follow up demo, definitely recommended and I’m keen to hear to the next release that these guys drop!

Favourite track: Angel Countess

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