Song Premiere: Ceremented – Altars of Waste

ceremented artwork final 2.jpg

Author: Goldensundown

Band: Ceremented

Song: Altars of Waste

Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Label: Independent


Alright guys, my wish came true and Ceremented are dropping new material this year and we’ve got a premiere of a track, Altars of Waste, from an upcoming demo streaming at Decibel’s site next Tuesday and its fucking filthy, check it out!

The track opens up with absolutely filthy sounding bass and slow drumming, dragging along at a dirge pace. Vocals vomit forth not long after, sounding like they’re being belched forth from some unearthly creature, and the two bass attack and savage drums continue their assault through out the 3 minutes of this track. If the rest of the release sounds as hectic as this, that’ll be two fucking killer releases under these guys belt this year.

Ceremented Logo.jpg

This new release and the Unbound Horror demo are up for release on LP out on Heavy Metal Vomit Party in the near future with a self-release cassette on the way; details on the Decibel stream I hope!

Colour me hyped guys, Ceremented continue to be a band to watch with this filth.


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