EP Round Up #3 – Sonic Poison, Miasmal Sabbath


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Sonic Poison, Miasmal Sabbath

Albums: Harsh Demonstration…, Miasmal Sabbath

Genres: Death Metal/Grindcore, Death Metal/Crust Punk

Labels: Caligari Records, Independent

Two punky death EP’s are up on the offering slab this round.

Sonic Poison – Harsh Demonstration… (Caligari)

Harsh Demonstration… is the debut EP from this Finnish death metal/grindcore group and it scratches an itch for old school styled deathgrind a la Repulsion. Harsh Demonstration… is filled to the brim with catchy, grinding and grimy riffs that don’t let up over the EP’s 9 minutes of runtime. The bass makes itself present in Hoarders of Annihiliation in much the same way the bass in Replusion’s Horrified, that grimy and sloppy sound, before falling to the wayside of the grinding riffs and blasting drums. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary here but with the savegery of tracks like Noisy Graves, Repulsive Reactions and the closing track, Miserable Death with the hyper-grinding main riff, why the fuck do ya need revolution. The production is appropriately raw, giving that much needed filth without losing clarity in the mix of drums and guitar that make up the bulk of the album, while the vocals have a tinge of reverb on them. Easily an EP that you can chuck on again immediately after and not get bored with. Eat Sleep Grind Repeat lads.

Favourite Track: Repulsive Reactions, Hoarders of Annihilation.



Miasmal Sabbath – Miasmal Sabbath (Independent)

This EP from Greek newcomers is a total surprise, dropping out of nowhere in a fury of crusty death. Miasmal Sabbath is an unrelenting EP, mixing Autopsy styled doomy death riffs and leadwork with an equally filthy layer of crust punk working its way into the rabid drumming and vocal delivery. The opening track, Tomb of Dementia, comes off as one of the more crusty sounding tracks and completely unrelenting throughout its runtime, particularly in the riffs and drumwork, bar the death knell-eqsue intro and outro sections. The refrain on the following track, Altar of Doom, is easily one of the gold moments in the EP, having wormed its way into my head within the first listen. The Autopsy infleuence is particularly evident in the track The Unquiet Dead, which closes the album off with 2 minutes of wailing and again, death knell-esque leads. 20 minutes and savagely head snapping in all its glory and catchy as fuck this EP is a definite contender for EPs of the year for me

Favourite Track: Altar of Doom



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