Silverbones – Wild Waves (2016)


Author: Dave

Band: Silverbones

Album: Wild Waves

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Stormspell Records



Silverbones are a newer heavy metal band from Italy and this is their first full-length release after putting out a demo a couple years back. Anybody who knows me knows I love that old school heavy metal sound. It’s practically what I look for in almost everything I listen to. But I don’t just want mere imitators. Innovators are always preferred, provided they can hang onto that old school spirit that fuelled the great classics of the eighties. Well, this right here is probably one of the most blatant throwback bands I have ever heard. In terms the sound, they have completely nailed it: Silverbones are a maniacal reincarnation of Running Wild. 


And it’s not just the music, either; these guys have taken everything from pirate-era Running Wild, not just the catchy riffs and fills. The band name, the song titles, and the cover art all showcase their primary influence. Shoot, the band members have even gone a step further by wearing full-on pirate costumes in concert and in photo shoots. But I don’t say all this as if it’s something that is necessarily bad. I mean, if you’re going to imitate a band, Running Wild is a pretty awesome one to imitate.


My first reaction to this album can be summed up simply in that it was a fun album to listen to. The riffs and the lead guitar work both hang comfortably around the pentatonic scale and rarely deviate from it. The lead guitar is soaked to the bone in treble and reverb, contrasting nicely with the rhythm section and producing a wide open sonic envelope. Combine all of that with a jumpy and energetic sense of rhythm and you have an album that is, if nothing else, extremely accessible. There isn’t anything off-putting in it; there is nothing that a casual listener would find unlikeable.


That, however, is the problem. The simplistic riffs and fills don’t offend, but apart from a few places, they don’t draw the listener in to encounter the music to any level of depth. This is not to say that you have to have Master’s degree in theory to write good music, but at the same time, good music takes time to delve into, and there just isn’t a whole lot of depth to experience here. I found that after the first listen, the songs began to run together as similar motifs throughout the album rose to the surface simultaneously. There are definitely exceptions though, where I think you have some solid composition. Both the opening track entitled, “Cry of Freedom” and the lengthy “Queen Anne’s Revenge” are worthy highlights that bring out the band’s strengths nicely. Though they are still simple and straightforward compositions, they nevertheless were unique enough to hold my interest.


If you like the pirate theme and like Running Wild’s style, and would like to get something that you can take more seriously than Alestorm, this might not be a bad fit for you.



  • Dave

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