EP Roundup #2


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Cadaveric Fumes, Necrosic

Albums: Dimensions Obscure, Putrid Decimation

Genres: Death Metal

Labels: Blood Harvest, Nuclear War Now!


In the second EP roundup, two more offerings of death are on display here, from Cadaveric Fumes and Necrosic.

Cadaveric Fumes – Dimensions Obscure (Blood Harvest)

Cadaveric Fumes are a French death band with a couple of small releases; one demo and a split/EP, with Dimensions Obscure representing their longest effort to date. Much like the band name would suggest, these guys play an old school minded styled of death, however Dimensions Obscure takes a slight diversion from their previous material, losing the grimier production and taking things in a more sweeping and epic sound.

A Crepuscular Journey opens up with a synth/piano combination, before dropping into a main riff that would slid quite well into Obliteration’s (Norway) recent album. Pace changes and off-kilter riffage permeate throughout the 4 tracks here, with the bass and guitars exuding influences from the recent caverndeath trend as well as tech-death in the Finnish style a la Demilich and Chthe’ilist with weird lead guitar sections and soloing. The vocals exist mostly as comprehensible mid-range growls while the drum work flourishes greatly within this environment, providing intricate fills amongst the tracks.

The sci-fi influence within the EP art also reaches into the tracks themselves, as seen through the EP intro and odd-phaser effects that arise in Extatic Extirpation. The closing track, Swallowed into Eternity, is an 8 and a half beast that further shows the cosmic influence with another spacey sounding synth and piano introduction passing into more heavily Obliteration sounding death. This track also features the cavernous influence most heavily, with swirling riffs and much lower growls through the first half and a faster, more savage second half.

Dimensions Obscure sees Cadaveric Fumes assume a new, strong direction in their material and one that should not be missed, especially not for Name Your Price on bandcamp. Get it!

Favourite track: Swallowing into Eternity



Necrosic – Putrid Decimation (Nuclear War Now!)

Necrosic might be a fresh cut band but the members behind it are not; formed by Eric Cutler of Autopsy fame in collaboration with members from Femacoffin/Scolex (another Cutler side-project), Funebrarum, Ghoul and an ex-Gravehill member, Necrosic has a large amount of strong talent residing within it.

This talent shines throughout the entirety of this EP, with Culter and Christian La Rocca’s guitars creating savage, pummelling riffage while Sean McGrath’s – better known as Digestor in Ghoul – vocals ring out as low deathly growls. The drum and bass work on display is also quality, showing Necrosic as a tight unit.

Each of the four tracks on Putrid Decimation satisfy, with filth, gore and decay reeking through the instrumentation and vocal work. Vomit Transmutation sets the tone of this EP extremely well while the riffage in the second track, Spawn of Radiation, is fantastic, with Cutler’s familiar Autopsy death knell-esque riffs breaching through every so often. Meanwhile, Squirming in Your Guts features a more doomier and deliberate pace that digs into your skull with the lyrical work and riffs. The ending track, My Casket Drains, utilises more Autopsy styled guitar harmonies as well as pummelling pace changes dropping into a heavily death/doom laden mid-section and a final speedier ending section.

Absolute must-grab EP. Hyped as fuck to see where Necrosic heads next.

Favourite track: Squirming in Your Guts



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