Coffin Dust – Everything is Dead (2016)


Author: Goldensundown

Band: Coffin Dust

Album: Everything is Dead

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Label: Unholy Anarchy Records

“Take a step into my world, everything is dead!”

Coffin Dust are another band I’ve previously covered, quite favourably with their debut album of punky death/thrash – This Cemetery, My Kingdom – a descent into the realms of graves, gore and horror. Everything is Dead is this band’s sophompre release and while an overall shorter experience, only 35 minutes, it succeeds at reaching into those otherwordly realms of horror.

Opening the album up is a short horror soundtrack-esque synth track, Serrated, which transitions effortlessly into the first proper track, Gore Ensemble, with its drawn out crunchy rhythm guitar and siren sounding leadwork. The main influence noticable throughout this track is Autopsy, albiet passed through a punky thrash filter, but the doomy wailing guitars, crunchy bass and puke flecked grunts that make up a vast amount of this album ring true of the Californian masters of gore.

This more Autopsy-esque death trades off with Coffin Dust’s more unique blend of punky death/thrash, which becomes much more noticeable on the two shorter tracks; Commander Exhumer and The Living Coffin. The vocal work by Slime flickers between the low vomity grunts and a more chainsaw/razor sounding style with both styles trading off fantastically in amongst the song changes. The surprise track in the album is the Slayer cover – Metal Storm/Face the Slayer (Show No Mercy) – which sounds hectic in Coffin Dust’s punky death filter, including the appropriately placed shrieks.

Everything is Dead comes off extremely catchy, with both its melodic leadwork and lyrics worming their way into your head. This plays to the album’s advantage, making return trips into the world of filth welcoming, especially with the album’s three main tracks lengthy runtimes (6 to 9.5 minutes). The general song writing and craft of the tracks is superb on this album, with each track having its own identifying passages, leadwork and lyrics; the choruses in particular bring to mind SBG/Leprosy era Death in their execution. The melodic leadwork adds an aura of doom and hopelessness throughout the album, particularly on the title track Everything is Dead, where the wailing leads conjure images of wastelands of nothing but graves, dead bodies and decay, apt for the album and track itself.

Everything is Dead is easily one of the better death metal albums released this year, which is a tough ladder to rank on this year with so many quality albums dropping. Absolutely fucking recommended for fans of grimy, gore-flecked, old school death.

  • Goldensundown


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