Demo Roundup #9


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Dagger Lust, Pillar Tombs of Aku, Siege Column

Albums: Dagger Lust, IV, Nocturnal Attack Formation

Genres: Black/Death Metal, Raw Black Metal, Black/Thrash Metal

Labels: Vrasubatlat,  Crude Forms,  Independent

Dagger Lust – Dagger Lust (Vrasubatlat)

This two track demo comes from Portland artist R and released through his label Vrasubatlat, home to his other projects; Triumvir Foul, Utzalu, Serum Dreg and Uskumgallu. With Dagger Lust, R offers up two tracks of obliterating black/death metal with noise worked in over the top by noise artist SVN. With the noise work layered into the black/death barrage, Dagger Lust’s output becomes chaotic destruction; drum work, highly distorted guitars and bass, noise and vocal work from all three band members collasce and writhe together. The two and a half minute opening track, Dagger Emergence (Slit) seems to blast away in no time, leading into whips, a dispondant guitar/bass intro and vomited growls working around interweaved with jitters of other sounds. Blood Coils in Old Skin comes fully awoken at the two minute mark, careening into more aural abuse, with the odd decipherable lyric, “You will be squirming, down on your knees”. The rest of the track continues to spew forth hatred in aural form with growled yells not dissimilar to Chris Reifert punching through the noise, or vomited forth vocals interwoven with pounding drums and guitars. The song ends with a similar riff motif to the intro of the track, climaxing in a wave of distorted noise and bile.

Disgusting, lo-fi, but completely engaging and entrancing destruction, anyone not on this or Vrasubatlat’s other releases, rectify immediately.


Pillar Tombs of Aku – IV (Crude Forms)

The forth demo from Dutch raw black metal project, Pillar Tombs of Aku, fronted by prolific Dutch artist, K, continues the lo-fi assault with five untitled tracks. The first track takes on a minimalist riff and constant pounding drums, while the second track approaches a more slow paced, driven ritualistic sound with a more hypnotic riffing style and drowned out chant-esque vocals. These two tracks are the longer running tracks in the 11 minute demo, both being around 4 minutes. The next three tracks sit between 50 seconds and 1 minute 30, with the 50 second track acting as a middle creepy sounding noise/synth interlude separating the slower moving opening tracks from the visceral sounding ending tracks, with the fourth track taking an almost black/thrash sound and barely audiable grunts while the closing track evokes the cold riffing style of the rawer end of Norway’s 90’s black metal. The drums and guitar take front stage throughout this demo and Pillar Tombs’ three other demos, often drowning out the bass and vocal work present, but this is neither unexpected within a raw black framework nor does it detract from the demo; what’s layed out here is distant, cold and harsh, quality atmosphere.


Siege Column – Nocturnal Attack Formation (Independent)

Continuing the theme of lo-fi demos, Siege Column comes around from the mind behind Death Fortress, Joe Aversario and is a dive into the world of old school black/thrash; from the album cover to the riffs reeking of dungeon worship, the dive bombs on the second track, Fire from the Pentagram and the relentless blasting drums and thrashy riffs, this is old school. The riffs are catchy, energetic and sound like they could easily belong on Show No Mercy, albeit in a much rawer form. Each of the five tracks on display here showcase energetic riffage, superb drumming that swirls with life and a strong bass backing and vocal delivery, even the solo bringing Dungeon with No End to a close is killer in delivery. This is no real surprise considering Joe’s quality output with Death Fortress. May this project continue to deliver old school Violence and Steel in further releases, because this shit is just god damn fucking killer.

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