Silver Machine – III – The Sound of the Shell (2016)


Author: Dave

Band: Silver Machine

Album: III – The Sound of the Shell

Genre: Heavy metal

Label: Independent




Silver Machine are a French heavy metal band who have managed to eke out a couple demos over the last few years and have just released their full-length debut, III – The Sound of the Shell. They are certainly of a more traditional slice of metal, with a very simple and stripped-down approach to their music. You will not find any silliness in this release: there is no ridiculous showmanship or any annoying over-production. What you will find is the absolute minimum number of components to produce a decent, quality metal album. 


I had trouble trying to identify the influences here, and part of that is because this album has a pretty wide range of variety in terms of songwriting. Most of the songs are melodic, riff-heavy, and filled with punchy percussion. But then you have songs that are slow, ethereal, and dreamy. You have parts where a clean, acoustic guitar is carrying the song, and others where the riffs are fast and furious and don’t let up. I realise that lots of heavy metal albums could fit this description, but I guess the problem is that I wasn’t able to hear anything specifically that set this apart from a whole bunch of other heavy metal.


However, I hesitate to label this release as generic in any sense. As I listen to the riffs, I hear definite effort by the band in trying to produce something interesting, something compelling, and something unique. It just so happens that much of what they ended up composing didn’t stick with me, even with repeated listens. But in any objective analysis, there isn’t anything low-effort about this at all. There aren’t any derivative clichés or recycled classic riffs embedded in the songs. Everything I hear in this album is completely original, or at least original enough that I can’t pinpoint a single rip-off on the entire thing.

There are definitely a couple of highlights where their stuff did stick, and those would be “Beasts from Water and Air” and “Shadows and Tall Trees”. But even those don’t seem to have enough draw to them that would bring me back for more. In spite of that, there are no bad songs on here at all. For anybody who is interested in staying up to date with the more modern bands that are keeping the heavy metal torch going, this definitely warrants a listen. I’m disappointed that I didn’t take much away from it, but as with any album, your mileage may vary.


  • Dave

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