Demo Roundup #7


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Ceremented, Filthdigger

Albums: Unbound Horror, Demo 4

Labels: Independent

Coming at ya’s this time is two filthy death metal demos from fresh upcomers!

Ceremented – Unbound Horror (Independent)

Unbound Horror is the debut demo from Phoenix death/doom band Ceremented and is 4 tracks of rather short – for the genre – grimy filth. The immediate thing to notice from the opening track, Stampeding Hooves of Pestilence, is the vocals and their overbearing nature, sitting in some nebulous region between death growls and black metal shrieks with the unearthly-ness of both. The recording, as expected of demos, is lo-fi but this works in favour of Unbound Horror, giving the guitar and bass an extra layer of filth to make the record sound like it’s just been dug up from some swampy grave. Biggest issue is the demo’s 10 minute runtime, given the quality murk here, I’m craving more.

A definite winner in death/doom grime, definitely don’t miss this!

Fave track: Stampeding Hooves of Pestilence


Filthdigger – Demo 4 (Independent)

This 4 track death metal demo comes by way of Norwegian trio Filthdigger, who have laid down a speedy death metal assault with this demo. The only new track featured here is the final one, Nagasaki Nightmare, with the other three tracks being rerecords from Demo 2 (The Living Dead) and Demo 3 (Ended Life, Rapid Descend). This really isn’t a problem given the ferocity of the tracks and the low-key-ness of the band. The Living Dead kicks this demo off with a slow doomy feel before dropping into a ferocious paced fervour, combining fast old school riffs with rapid fire drumming that cannot be listened to without head banging to it. This trade between doomier passages and more ferocious sections plays throughout the entire demo, and combined with the grimy tones on the guitars and the hardcore-esque bark vocals, the demo hits that filth encrusted atmosphere perfectly.

According to their facebook an EP is currently being recorded, so definitely keep your eyes out for that too!

Fave track: Ended Life


According to their facebook an EP is currently being recorded, so definitely keep your eyes out for that too!


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